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    80 of the best sales appointment lines to use to overcome objections and book 300% more meetings

    “Here’s How to Kick Your Inner Salesman Awake, And Put That Bad Boy To Work Persuading Prospects to Believe You, Bond With You, Meet With You and Give You Lots Of Money”…

    The Most Powerful Appointment Setting & Objection Handling Techniques on Earth .

    Murray Warren Bowen Island shows — Free excerpts from my soon to be released new E-book and coaching system;
                       “The New Power to Persuade”

    “Send me some Info “

    That’s exactly what I’m calling. Without determining what you need or if what we have could be a good fit for your company. I don’t want the big 18 wheeler to pull out in front of your building and start dumping information all over the place. What I really want to do in a couple quick questions narrow down to see if there could be some common ground or a good fit

    Engage in your Turn-around question – “ How does your company handle ? …


    Not a problem at all , but I do believe I need to ask you a question to help me tailor the literature to your
    specific needs ,

    “ Tell me how does your company handle ______________ ? “


    That’s not a problem at all . I can send you some information but before I do I need to ask you one quick question . Sometimes when people ask me to send some information before knowing anything about our services or products what they are really saying is that don’t have any interest but they’re too nice to tell me because they don’t want to hurt my feelings … Is that the case here John?

    “ Not Interested”

    Not a problem at all , that’s what everyone tells me initially until they hear how our services & products is so much better than what they’re using , in ways such as ________ & __________ & ____________ .
    I promise I won’t waste your time, your company is a perfect fit for our technology, would you just give 180 seconds or your time to go over a few new ideas and approaches that can __________ & ____________  .

    Might you just be a little bit open-minded and curious to see how over 200 of your peers have been grappling with issues like _________ & _________ and we have solved these for them ?

    Opening Statement

    Hi It’s MW calling and I’m wondering if you might be open-minded or curious to a new business proposition for your company , if it works it can ____________ & __________ & ___________ ?

    Voice Mail

    Hi Bob , this is ____________ I have a business proposition for you , and if it works it would reduce your __________ and improve -__________ . If that would be of interest to you my number is ___________

    “We’re already using someone else

    Quantify the Objection

    I’m glad to hear that most companies are using some supplier or provider . Would you say that your satisfied with your current supplier ? Great I won’t take much more of your time . But let me just ask one more question that would help me serve other clients like yourself better in the future .

    How do you quantify satisfaction?

    You know, how do you know you have the best ___________ , you could get ? In other words what do you compare it against?

    I don’t doubt the success of your long term relationship in the least bit . Even if you are sure you’re getting the best , wouldn’t you like to be sure and absolutely certain , you know the old saying “ better to know than not know “

    It reminds me of a real-life story . There’s an excellent Greek  restaurant here in Vancouver on Davie Street called Stephos that we have been going to for years and its packed with a line up about 20 people deep every night . So Lysa and I are waiting and waiting and I can’t wait any more . So we walk down the street and about 5 doors down there is another Greek taverna restaurant , we go in , we try it out and guess what, it’s way better than Stephos , better service , not as crowded , better food and it’s a better value

    Or use the Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie line great line

    It reminds me of a real-life story – You know Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston for quite a while , and in my opinion she was pretty darn good . Then Brad meets Angelina Jolie , and well … the rest is history . My point here is that sometime even if you’re totally satisfied with what you have , it makes good business sense from time to time to explore , be on the lookout and keep your ear to the ground for new technology , new ways and methods to reduce costs , improve productivity and make more money . I was just wondering if you have an open mind to new possibilities , an “open mind is like an open window –it lets fresh air in”

    Our offer is Risk-Free , there is no commitment or obligation what-so-ever. Your business could potentially benefit by reducing your costs by _________ and improving the productivity by _____ % , and will have a huge impact on your bottom line and if you were the one who drove the solution that produces these great
    improvements , it would certainly help your career

    We just want to “throw our hats into the ring” and are just looking for the same opportunity you gave your other supplier back _____ years ago

    Oh I see, what will happen if that continues ?

    What will it cost if the trend goes on like it has been ?
    – How much will that be in 6 months ?

    Is that or is this something that goes away on it’s own ?

    “ Is this a Sales Call ?

    I don’t know yet , if there’s a fit for what we have there might be , otherwise No.

    We specialize in ________ & __________ &____________ , depending on what you guys are doing in this area there could be a great possibility we can do the same for you .I’d like to ask a few quick questions to see if there’s a basis for a further conversation .

    Arts Opening Statement

    Mr Prospect . I’m ________ with Momentums Conferencing . We specialize in working with Corporate and Staff Trainers ( insert title here ) in helping them to ; improve their teleconferencing and video conferencing experience by eliminating annoying billing, customer service, pass codes and training issues— so they can deal with a (BENEFITS ) one-stop shop provider for all of their audio, video and web conferencing , cut their costs by 15% to 30% monthly and get way better functionality and ease of use .

    I’d like to ask a few quick questions to see if this may be of value to your company …

    With The screeners and gate-keepers / They are Grinding You

    Perhaps you could help me for a second , I’m _____ with _______ . I want to be sure I’m talking to the right person and what I have would be relevant to him / her

    What’s this in Reference to ?

    My company specializes in __________. I want to ask UDM , a few quick questions to determine how big of a problem this is for them and see if it would be worth it for us to speak further –OR

    I have a few ideas I’d like to run by _________(him/her) regarding a proven system that will benefit 1 , benefit 2 , benefit 3 !!

    It’s personal

    It’s information that’s meant directly for him

    It’s about new Business Development

    I need to speak to him , it’s about Possible expansion of his company

    We’ve been in correspondence with each other

    I could really use your help , I’ve been on your website researching your company And I’m really impressed with the growth , focus , visionary development and products you guys work with

    I have a possible joint venture , strategic partner, sort of a … new business development idea that I wanted to bounce off your head of Corporate training or your CFO , there’s a likelihood we could do business together — could you possibly patch me through ?

    “We’re already using someone else / something else”

    Not a problem, I would assume a company of your size would be working with another firm or have a solution in place . AND that’s why I wanted to understand your needs further to see if there’s something we might be able to compliment, augment or improve down the line

    “ What are you guys using over there for__________________ solutions ? “

    OR TRY

    Hey I know you’re happy and satisfied with what you have in place and you see no reason to change , switch or alter from what you have . I would say that 95% of all the clients we met initially all felt the same way

    I was just wondering if you have an open mind to new possibilities, an “open mind is like an open window –it lets fresh air in”

    I mean, you have a good set up right now right ?. I’m sure before you got this set up you checked out all of your options, didn’t you !? If you stop exploring or learning about new systems, methods or techniques that will make your business grow faster , run better, easier and more cost effectively – what will happen to your success ?

    All I wanted was to….. set up the meeting

    The McCarthy Opener   ( kill the objection before they say it )

    Jim , this is Ryan McCarthy calling from Softchoice Corp. , we’re a reseller of hardware and software technology. And Jim believe me I know you get a lot of calls like this and you can get this kind of stuff ( services –products ) at a lot of different places and I’m sure you’re happy with what you have or who you’re using . But , we really do things different at Softchoice to add value for our customers by helping among other things to develop strategies to mitigate legal risks associated with software purchasing ( big benefit )

    If I’ve caught you at a good time I’d like to ask you a few quick questions and if it makes sense to do so , provide you with a presentation that explains how Softchoice approaches the market

    Some great questioning techniques ;

    So what are you seeing as the Pros and Cons about moving forward with this project ?

    What aspects of the cost concern you ?

    Do you think you won’t recover your investment ?

    Yes, there are some costs to consider , there are also some offsetting benefits
    n Would you find it helpful if we compared the two ?

    What would happen if it really didn’t cost as much as you think , how much would that affect your decision to
    proceed ?

    Every new project requires an investment – Can we look at those costs and how fast they can be recovered , and the upside potential here ?

    When the prospect is resisting booking a meeting ;

    An open mind is receptive to the ‘Possible’ , the untried, the
    un-proven , it doesn’t make judgment

    Hey, I know you’re happy with what you have and you see no reason to change or explore new options or approaches. I would say that 95% of all the clients we met initially said the same thing

    I was just wondering if you have an open mind to new possibilities, an open mind is like an open window it lets fresh air in

    When you’re ‘ keeping your ear to the ground ‘ and open to a discussion on new things you permit your thoughts to find their physical equivalent in ways a closed mind may not consciously thought possible.

    Things are going well at your company right ? Your present solution / provider is working well , right ? If you now stopped learning about new ideas, strategies or approaches that can grow your business , improve your business , decrease your costs , make things easier , more productive … what would happen to your future success ?

    There are no expectations here , we just want to show you a demo , have a 10 minute conference call and ‘throw our hats into the ring’ and show why 100’s of companies we’re initially satisfied like you with what they were using and then checked out our value proposition and then ended up changing to our company
    Be daring , be bold, be interesting , no one ever was bored with someone who was unique and interesting;

    Unorthodox Voice mail techniques that get results ;

    Hi Scott , it’s Murray here , it seems like one of 2 things is happening here . Please call me back and let me know which one is true Ok ? . Either you are not interested in our proposal and that’s why I have not heard from you and you wish I would stop calling you , or you are interested but you’ve just been so busy to call me back . Which is it ? I can’t take the suspense any more and it’s keeping me up late at night and I have a hot date tonight and I’m not going to leave until I get a call back from you . My number is ________ . call me right away

    The Movie-star Technique

    I’m trying to get a hold of the movie-star CEO Stevie Nicknack. Hi Steve I was reading all about you from your Bio on your web site . Anyways this is _________ with ________ , you’re probably out signing autographs and I would be doing the same thing if my picture was on a website.

    Anyways look when you get back in the office it’s very important that you call me back immediately I’d like to speak with you about your ______________ solutions you have over there and how we can save you 300% ________ and provide _________ and increase __________ and improve _________.

    Also on a side-note I was just checking your web site for a few minutes and I have some really good proven ideas to help drive more focused traffic to your site and capture more e-mail addresses from potential customers and convert them into customers – Could you call me back at ________, I’m very determined in getting a hold of you

    Hi Phoebe , I know you’re not expecting my call so we got that out of the way . I’m trying to get a hold of you for a few weeks now and I know you didn’t get to where you are by being Reactive, but by being Pro-active , am I right ? Look knowing this you’re to definitely going to respect my persistence , I’m calling from ___________ and I want to speak to you about ____________,

    please call me back at ____________ . In fact, I’m so passionate about my job, I’m not going to leave my office until you call me back …

    “Sounds good call me back next week”

    Sheila , may I tell you the real reason why I was hoping we could make this happen now. Sheila to be up-front with you I ‘m just trying to make my numbers and quota this week / month .

    I’m so close and I know it sounds a bit trivial but if there is any way to make it happen today that would be fantastic , if not I completely understand

    The Claude Diamond Approach
    Don’t waste your time with Lookie-lus , and tire kickers, get rid of the constipated sales pipeline

    Can we agree that if you feel that my company and our solution can solve your needs and it works within your budget then it’s OK to say YES and give me a commitment. On the other hand if you don’t feel we are not a good fit , then you can also say NO. Can we agree that you you’ll YES or NO . Not something like ; I will get back to you , or Send me a proposal , or I’ll have to think about it. I hate doing the “Cat and Mouse sales chase “game, I’m sure you know what I mean .

    Pro-Active Phrases

    In business and even in life you’re either circumstance driven or commitment driven , which one best describes you’re business ?

    In business , you are either pro-active or you’re reactive. In my opinion, being pro-active is the best way to do business

    Look in business, you may try 100 different things and 95 of the things you try may not even work. However, the 5 things that prove to be successful will make up for the 95 times that proved to be un-successful
    n Has it ever happened that you tried something to grow your business and it turned out to be un-successful?

    “We’re really not interested”

    Not a problem at all , I totally understand Mr._________ One of my largest clients ABC Co said the same thing before they had a chance to see how we could benefit them with ________ products . I really think that we could add value and benefit and compliment what you have right now . I would like to meet with you and introduce myself and our capabilities are you flexible to meet Tuesday @ 10:00 or Thursday at 2:00 ?

    Sample best response to the “send me some info” objection is below. If your response is often “OK” you are an official wimp.

    Responding to “send me some information.”

    This is probably the most common thing you will hear. Let me be blunt. If your response to “Send me some information” is “um OK”, you are a wimp and you are dooming yourself to prospecting frustration. You’re also wasting a lot of time and company resources.

    We know that most of the time when someone says “Send me some information,” it is really a blow off. Rather than tell you to get lost, they mumble a request to send them something and for them the phone call is over.

    The next time you get the send-more-information-blow-off, consider saying something like this:
    “You know, I don’t send out general information. The corporate literature I might send you is only going to tell you what I just told you. We are a $90 million dollar company that’s been in business 15 years supplying technology equipment like widgets and wadgets to companies such as United Intergalactic, Mega Corp and I B Sorry Corp. If there is some specific information that would be helpful to you, or if you happen to have a specific purchase coming up, I would be happy to put it together and send it out to you.

    Do you have anything specific in mind that I can help you with?”

    And at that point… you do the most difficult thing a salesperson ever has to do. You say nothing and wait for your prospect to speak.

    If prospects do come up with something specific, like
    “Well, … we are going to replace $500,000.00 worth of widgets in a month…” or “well, we are going to buy $1,200,000.00 worth of stuff next quarter. Why don’t you send me some info on x y or z?” You’ll now know you have “a live one” and you have to do three things.First, you have to really listen let them speak. Don’t interrupt.

    “You know, I could put together a lot of info that would be useful to you…right off the top of my head I can think of three companies in your industry that we’ve helped to select and install what you seem to be looking for. I don’t know a lot of details about your company.

    But, you do have a few options to consider on this and there are a couple of things you want to avoid that could really cost you some money. Super Salesperson is our rep in your area and she has a lot of experience with this.
    If she had the opportunity to learn more specifics about your company, she could give you a lot of information that would be helpful to you and specific to your situation. It may or may not lead to a next step… either is fine. I could set up a meeting for you now. Would that be worth 30 minutes of your time?”

    If they say “yes,” book it. If they say “no,” tell them you will send out the info and ask when you should follow up.

    .Or try – That’s not a problem at all . Wouldn’t it make sense that we first understand what you might need . Before we send over the 18 wheeler truck of information and start dumping it all over your company…

    Tell me how does your company handle ….

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