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    Preparation, Anticipation -Killer Counter Punch –Secrets to superb Cold Calling

    Friday, May 3rd, 2013

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    This is like my 4th demo booked selling GPS tracking systems –in about 1.5 hours .. so I’m a bit cocky on this VERY, COMPETITIVE call- What you should notice is how prepared I am and Expecting the Push-back and … ready for it.

     So all you have to do to be a ‘Ninja’ Master at blocking and counter punching Objections is to;

    — Be Prepared , know what the main 3 push-backs , stalls , fears , doubts or concerns are –Up Front –know that will get 1 or all 4 of those on every call
    — What are you going to do about it ?

    — What can you say to shift or change the prospects perception about your product or services ?

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    Here is another fun competitive rally

    # 1 KEY to Overcoming & Diffusing every B2B Objection that comes up.

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    Murray Warren from Bowen Island writes –Having built, designed and managed over 392 pro-active Outbound Telesales / Lead Generation , New Business Development departments in over 47 different industries , of which over182 have been technology based, spanning 17 years– — I have run into every objection on the Planet Earth

    I’m all about diffusing the pressure and building trust with prospects over the phone

    Every company I have consulted with has a D. R. A. B a dominant reason to avoid buying — You have to know WHY they are objecting to your core business offering ?

    What are your companies 3 objections and/or stalls you get all the time ?

    1) ____________________________________

    2) ____________________________________

    3) ____________________________________

    For example , let’s say they “are happy with what they are presently using ”

    — What is their perception of being happy ?

    This is the ‘Permission based B2B Telesales
    Appointment Setting Formula
    I use and train and coach my clients

    1) AGREE with them

    — You’re absolutely right

    — That’s not a problem at all

    –That’s totally cool that you don’t want to explore what we do

    2) VALIDATE What they just said

    — So as I understand it –you have a great solution / system in place and you don’t see any reason to explore or learn what’s ahead of the curve in _________ ?

    Is that right ?

    –Would that be an accurate snapshot ?

    — That makes total sense, I mean why would you without any concrete numbers to compare or review I totally understand you responding that way -if there is no reason to switch or change?


    — Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match ay all –I don’t want to claim we have some miracle cure

    ( I would need my day in court to prove that )

    Sidebar — Just by Validating their objection and diffusing the pressure here makes you 95% different than all of the other jockeys that have been there before –Purchasers have heard it all before –You have to be authentic and genuine –this makes them feel that you CARE

    4) GROUP Them together with all of the other people in their / TRIBE--PEER GROUP that initially felt the same way.

    Sidebar — This is where your ‘Natural Vibing and Customer Story-Telling really comes in

    Just like the best actors Sean Penn, Pacino, Deniro , Jolie they have read their script 400X and have it down –They have their script so natural and smooth

    Sorry , for the rant –I’m just passionate .Anyways , you need to develop your rebuttal/ comeback stories

    Find stories to tell like this A customer like you who was very skeptical and indifferent about getting
    involved ..and had the same initial fears , doubts and concerns as you do , took a leap of faith and now are raking it in ..

    Say this — ” Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match at all

    I’m talking with and doing research every day with your PEER GROUP on SUBJECT and almost 95% of the people we talk with initially feel the same way as you, they have a system or a solution that they’re happy with and don’t see a reason to change.

    Most of the PEER GROUP on SUBJECT think it makes good business sense to always be OPEN to NEW IDEAS and OPTIONS and always be on the lookout and keep their ear to the ground for new methods and processes to improve performance and productivity. output / profits — I’m sure that’s the same for you …
    ( say what-ever critical business issue they want to solve here )

    5) Entice and SEDUCE with BENEFITS

    What we’ve been told by other companies that have this / do it this way / doing this process —- that they grapple and struggle with problems such as:

    –> problem #1

    –> problem #2

    With many of these companies and VP’s C-suite decision makers they kind felt unified , in the same way / perspective and viewpoint on things —

    That it makes good business sense , to keep your ‘ear to the ground’ and always be on the lookout and ahead of the curve for new Ideas or Options that can ( improve , add value , increase , speed up , streamline etc… their business flow , sales process , what-ever they are doing to do things faster , better , cheaper and/ or easier )

    I’m sure that’s the same for you …. ( you have to say this )

    I was just wondering if you might be OPEN to some new IDEAS or OPTIONS around getting rid of PROBLEMS 1 & 2 and gaining BENEFIT 3 &

    Wrap it UP…

    We’ve prepared a 15 minute Executive web Briefing the that will outline an Overview of our Value proposition

    — The Investment, ROI and Payback – Exactly how long it takes to get your investment back –then pure profit – At this meeting you will get the exact methods and strategies we have used to make billions for our clients for free –

    If nothing else we will give you a condensed knowledge of the hottest , most amazing new break-through solutions on how to _________ ( biggest benefit they are looking for) for free the 4 simple secrets How you can ___-____ better, fasten , easier, cheaper –than you can imagine ( some kind of great ethical BRIBE )

    Then say “ Seriously, you will have Multiple Holy crap I had no idea that was possible moments”

    check out my blog for tons of FREE tips, strategies and techniques for amazing B2B Teles-Sales and Appointment Setting Information get in the door with any company you desire , remove the Pain and Awkwardness and learn the Permission Based approach


    High Definition Web and Video Conferencing Appointment Setting

    Friday, July 27th, 2012

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    Here is a great example of a Competitive account approach ‘cold’ , dealing with the initial push-back , turning it around and booking the meeting