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    “The Permission / Value Based 120 second Opening Statement”

    Monday, February 2nd, 2015

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    I am a BIG believer in asking if its OK to talk with all Decision Makers . I personally feel that we as Outbound sales professionals we are interrupting the targets when we initially ‘Reach Out ‘

    I personally feel it’s respectful and courteous , if they’re busy .. I just say ..”  no problem at all , I’ll circle back later .. “

    Your Top Decision maker is always busy doing something else before you connect with them – They have a million things on their mind , they have no time , and many other options than to listen to you blather on and on about something that they could care about …

    This is a Great opening for 2 reasons

    A) It catches their attention and interest immediately

    B) Gauges their interest in your core message in less than 2 minutes — Gives you an instant ‘GREEN’ Light — Or if there’s ZERO interest .

    Now custom design this for your company ..!!

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    Here we are cold calling for the 1st time with the City of Burbank in California . We get through , its the right guy , we build rapport and the deal is worth  $500,000.00 in the next 12 months in pedestrian cross walks … piece of cake.

    Back to Business September 2014 Cold Calling & Appointment Setting tips to Triple Your Sales Funnel

    Sunday, August 17th, 2014

    Hi there , its August 17 right now,September and the end of summer is 2 – 3 weeks away . And then… here in Vancouver it will be cloudy and rainy for the next  5 – 7 months. In the last 3 weeks I’ve surfed 8 days at Tofino on Vancouver Island -waist to head high killer waves. I’ve completely switched from surfing to paddle-surfing , it’s so much fun . ( I’m better than Laird )

    Its all about hanging in there, when cold calling and prospecting for new opportunities– –People will throw you for a loop and are rarely ever initially interested in ‘anything’  and you need to know it will happen , and how to flow and bounce back when it does  happen.

    Here are a bunch of Live B2B appointment setting calls -Sharpen your skills to Triple your meetings for the last 4 months of the year …

    Click to hear live b2b Call selling Bio-degradable, compostable food ware solutions


    Click to hear live call getting an appointment with PHD scientists

    Click to hear live Mobile Ordering apps cold call to El Pollo Loco head office

    Click to hear live Mobile Ordering app cold Call into Jack-in-the -Box head office


    “Predictable Revenue” Book Summary- “How to get 35 Meetings booked in 60 days… all Warm Internal Credible Referrals to decision makers, All Data.com and Linked-In, per sales rep– No Cold Calling” .!!

    Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

    Learn the hottest new Specialized Outbound Prospecting Strategy to Book Appointment’s and Meetings with any top decision maker of any Company you desire — ALL Without Cold Calling


    Pro-actively identify potential clients and open a dialogue and productive selling conversation with them
    — All without the agony, effort and time of Cold Calling

    Hot tool to get

    http://www.yesware.com/ This $ 10.00 per month tool is the missing link in outbound e-mail marketing . It tracks all of your analytics of your e-mail marketing strategy . Who opened your e-mails , How long they have read them , what links they clicked on , who they forwarded them to — All on a stealth basis.

    The Process

    1) Generate a list of Ideal Customers, niches or vertical markets to go after

    2) Email the CEO

    3) Get re-direct / referral –set up a call with the decision maker

    Ideal Customer Profile

    Core problems that you solve. Identify the types of companies that would benefit most by solving that problem ?

    — 3 core problems you solve
    — 3 traits of a company your product will benefit most

    List/ Databases of prospects to Sell into

    — Conference / attendee lists
    — Member lists / Association lists
    — http://www.zoominfo.com/
    — http://www.data.com/
    — http://www.hoovers.com/

    Search Google Ninja techniques
    — “ association name” +
    — “ member directory”+

    Prospecting / Tasks for your Outbound Prospector

    1) Find the CEO / Presidents name

    2) Use Google to locate their e-mail

    3) E-mail them and ask for a referral

    4) Set up a Discovery call with the Referral Decision Maker

    5) Leveraging the CEO’s name who gave you the referral… !!

    Find the CEO’s name
    “ Company name ceo”

    “ Company name president”

    Find the CEO E-mail
    1) Call reception ask for e-mail address

    2) “ first name.last name@ domain.com

    “ first name.last initial @ domain.com”

    “ first name@domain.com”

    “ domain.com email”

    E-Mail the CEO / President with a tweet sized message

    Subject : Best point of contact

    Body :

    Hi First name,

    Who is the best point of contact to discuss ( the word descriptor) ?

    Thanks so much
    Your name

    Version 2 –

    I’m just looking for some help …I’m not sure where to begin.

    Could you point me in the right direction or steer me into the right direction with the person who has a focus or attention on ____________ ?

    Set up a Discovery Call with Referral

    Body :

    Thank You ( name of CEO )

    Hi New Contact ;

    Do you have time for a quick call to discuss ( 3 word description )

    We have and / or are building X and would like to get your opinion and feedback on what we’ve created for your peer group and see if ( company name ) would be a good fit or match for our solution in the future .

    Stop – Hammer Time

    — Find 30 CEO’s E-mails

    — Send out 30 Initial E-mails

    The Follow-up Interview with the Referral

    Identify 3- 5 core problems that will positively impact their business

    How will solving them affect the core business bottom line.?

    Confirmation / Agreement on Needs statement

    Read back to them what you heard and ask if you understand correctly

    “ I see , just so I understand things correctly and get an accurate snap-shot of what’s going on over at your work place ;

    You’re having problems and challenges with _________ and _________ …

    And the main issue and consequence of this problem is _________

    …And if you wait and do nothing in the next 6 months the repercussion’s and implications could be _______ and ________

    Is that sort of an accurate snap-shot ?

    Ask if you missed anything …


    Do not pass go

    Do not collect $ 200.00

    Until you have had a conversation with each buying influence

    Close the Next Step – An Executive Web Briefing or Face to Face meeting

    It looks like we understand what you need and can provide a solution that will help you with X, Y and Z…

    What do you think our next steps
    should be ?

    Book an Initial Executive Web Briefing of your core message and Trial Close for ;
    — Interest , Time-frame and Money

    I’m just wondering if you would be open to building a solid business case for your executive team to review,to see if it really matches a problem that could be solved by our solution .

    I would like to introduce myself, our company and capabilities to you . I need 10 minutes of your time . We’ve prepared an amazing 10 minute Executive Briefing.

    We wanted to relate the exact methods and strategies that other ( companies like yours ) have found extremely valuable in ;

    Ø Benefit 1

    Ø Benefit 2

    Ø Benefit 3

    I know you will learn some critical & tactical FREE
    things just from our brief 1st meeting and if you think of us in the future when apparent needs come up that would be great
    ( that would be cool )

    How about Tuesday at 10:00 or would Thursday at 2:00 fit better ?

    Cold Calling $ Billion dollar Fast Food franchises selling Mobile Ordering- Remote Ordering Apps.

    Monday, November 25th, 2013

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    So here we have Murray Warren from Bowen Island — working with Avanti Mobile Commerce which has developed a great Mobile App. / Remote Ordering platform for QSR’s -Quick Serve Restaurants – Getting the right name, getting nudged in the right direction .. this is what its all about.

    We call it getting an Internal Credible Referral” , a nudge up stream to the right person., of which you can leverage their name.

    Click to hear Audio
    — Another fabulous nudge up stream , that tuned into a Web Demo with a high Value client

    Selling SEO & Web Design services to a Lawyer Cold-Call

    Saturday, July 20th, 2013

    Click to hear Live Cold Call w/ Lawyer

    Here Murray Warren is showing a Great example of just being your-self and relaxed and having FUN and teasing your prospects — This is a fun but very competitive call with a sharp lawyer– It’s all about hanging in there … and engaging them more in conversation to overcome their fears and doubts.

    Click to hear Live brutally competitive cold call to booked Meeting

    Here I go from “ Shot down in 9 seconds , to talking for 3 minutes and then..Booking a 45 minute Meeting and Closing a $ 14,000 per year deal monthly SEO & List Building package


    How to ‘Finally’ Overcome the “Send me Some Information” objection

    Monday, July 16th, 2012

    You ned to GRAB the OBJECTION out of your prospects MIND BEFORE they Say IT !!!

    If they say the known objection 1st –Then we have to bring this to a neutral basis –If you grab it out 1st …they never say it at all

    Block and Counter the “Send me sumthin”  line

    As soon as you have done a Big Trial Close and they’re open to some new ideas or strategies —then you say ( pre-emptive strike)

    That’s awesome…

    ‘ It sounds like you could be open to some new ideas and strategies in this area ….

    It might make sense for us to explore this a little bit further .. So many times VP’s of Marketing/ HR Professionals at this stage say ” Just send some information over ” . AND what we’ve been told and discovered from other VP’s of Marketing/ HR Professionals  is that they get about 160 e-mails a day and can barely read all of them, they are super busy with meetings and other duties —Blended with this information is NEW to them and when we just send “generic” not tailor made information to their unique needs , they end up having questions or mis-interpret something —- AND — if were not there to answer any of their questions on ( subject ) it creates a negative perception of what we do and how it can benefit your organization ..and shoots us in the foot.

    Hey .. what I’s be willing to do is — We’ve prepared a very tight, concise 10 minute Executive web briefing on our Worlds 1st VIDEO 3.0 — interactive Video technology, customized video content development– allowing  the viewer to initiate the interaction with your Brand , that solves the challenge of

    What’s the best way to get our target audience to both see and absorb our marketing messages?”

    We will go over ROI, the payback, we can show you a few LIVE examples, I can learn a little more about your situation and see if there could be a good fit now or in the future .If you think there’s value here and can help your organization , then I can put together some options and variations for you —

    How does your schedule look for this week or next for 15 minutes ?

    if you feel that there’s not a fit at this time , at least you’ll have another resource or contingency back-up plan when apparent needs come up in the future