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    Here’s a great Live Asian/ Chinese SEO & Social Media Cold Approach Appointment setting call.

    Sunday, November 19th, 2017

    chinese rich


    Click to hear live call 


    It’s Spring 2017 … Time to get your Outbound Hustle On !!!

    Saturday, April 22nd, 2017










    Getting Tired of your .05% Return on Cold
    E-Mail marketing ?

    …Getting a lousy response spamming your Corporate Accounts ?


    … Are you doing Content Marketing and smoking HOPEIUM hoping that primo perfect accounts are going to blow through your door and ‘Chase you for your business ” ?

     Possibly its time to learn Murray’s Permission
    Cold Calling 2.0 Techniques and his Cold Approach 
    E-mail Marketing Secrets …?

    After 21 years of building Outbound New Business
    Development and Telesales departments for over 400 companies , in 49 industries , with over 221 Technology companies, SAAS cloud based Apps and Software companies


    I started to see a pattern developing with every account I worked on,

    email 2 july 8










    Companies will do Everything on the Planet Earth to “Get Through ” to Corporate Enterprise Accounts 
    — Content marketing , Sales Force , Marketo , Hub Spot
    — Cold Approach E-mail
    — The Social Media cartel
    — Linked-In
    — FaceBook
    ..And these are all fine and Great, BUT to Think you can’t pick up the PHONE and get into a Conversation with someone you have not met , or been referred to , or who has not “raised their hand” , or Opted in is a bunch of “Malarkey”

    Corporate Enterprise Sales is fuelled by Meaningful Sales conversations that lead into a Sales process and Outbound Sales funnel Sequence
    I see it everywhere I go Sales professionals are petrified to PICK up The PHONE and REACH- OUT, it seems they have been told –” Just send out 150 e-mails a day” – They’ve turned into E-mail Monkeys or Avatar’s


    Here’s the Ultimate B2B Outbound ‘Hustle ‘
    Script Builder  :


    Oh hey I know you’re really super busy I was talking with _referral____and she said you were the resident expert in authority I need to talk to

    You deal with all of the ____________and ____________ over there is that right?


     I just wanted to share with you an idea that can
    ( Monster benefit )

    And I was wondering if  you might be open to some
    new ideas or options that can –

    — Benefit 1

    — Remove problem 2

    Offer benefit 3

    Would you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or some common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest …
    Another option

    Hey I respect you’re really busy …..and you deal with all the accounting and HR in Accounts Payable over there that’s what  name Drop Told me

    I just wanted to share with you an idea, a new option that hundreds of your peer group are using right now

    And was wondering if we have a solution that will

    Benefit 1

    Remove problem 2

    Offer benefit 3

    Would you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or some common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest

    Or if your super busy could I get 5 minutes on your calendar for Later this week , say Thurs
    @ 1:00 , thanks

    Awesome … here’s the Big Idea in 100 words
    Another version

    Hey I just got off the phone with ___name drop___and your name came up as more of the resident expert in authority I need to talk to you…

    Did I catch you at an OK time?

    I see you’re the _________, do you have a focus her attention on______________ ?


    My company is and we–what we do

     I was researching your company and your objectives for 2017-–I was on your LinkedIn profile and really like that post / that slide share- you did on _________________

    And I was wondering if you’d be open to  some new ideas or options on how toMonster Benefit

    Here’s a great Flow

    I am MW calling with ________ we help companies in this vertical, to  ——— and ———

    Recently we’ve worked with, name drop and name drop  and delivered significant and substantial benefits such as __________ and __________
    _benefit 1_________
    _benefit 2_________

    And as a result they are able to



    And were confident we can deliver the same
    for your company…

     Could I ask you just a few quick questions to see if there’s any chance we could help your company as well?


     Or was wondering if you could give me 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be a fit or a match, I promise I’ll earn the rest .

    Here are some Live B2B Appointment Setting Calls to Jump-start you into Summer …..

    Here’s Murray Warren calling the Top Digital strategy guy for John Elway , famous quarterbacks huge car dealer-ship franchise in Denver
    click to hear live call audio


    Specialist Sales Model VS a Generalist Sales Model , what’s better ?

    Sunday, September 4th, 2016


    specialist 1

    90% of all sales people hate cold calling for new business , the other 10% are lying”
    The best way to have ZERO Sales productivity for your sales team, is to have your quota carrying sales people do ‘Everything’


    So let’s look at some of the B2B Sales facts here :


    It’s takes 9 – 15 attempts to have a meaningful sales conversation with a decision maker on the phone — 85% of the time it goes to voice mail or in a meeting


    Sales people that have to do “everything” have to


    Self Generate Leads , Call In-Bound leads , make Outbound Calls, Hunt and Look for the right decision maker …and Book Meetings


    Sales People have to research all the accounts before they approach them ; get all of the right names , get their ph #’s , get their email address , find out something about their initiatives or objectives going on in their world — Trigger Events

    This takes 50% of their selling time per month to do this


    — After they have wasted 50% of the month researching new accounts to sell into –Now they proceed to the next stage which is wasting 35% of the rest of the selling time per month sending Out Cold E-mails and Cold Calling new prospects to Book Meetings and Demos

    researching 1


    So now we are down to about 15% actual selling time per month with actual prospects, after all of the Hunting, Looking and Researching ….


    80% – 85% of their selling time is wasted doing this every month …

    Are you deeply satisfied and content with that ?

    AND the sales statistics that is the most alarming –Sales people spend 50% of their closing time on  prospects that DON’t Convert as with the new accounts that do ….


    So what this means is — Only 7.5% – 15% of your sales person’s sales time is with prospects that Convert to new customers per month 


    An Idea that is growing 15X faster than a traditional Sales model is the ‘Specialist Sales Model “ Break apart your Sales Roles , hire Outbound New Business Developers who generate qualified leads and Open new accounts and set up
    meetings , Appointments and Demos with High Value accounts


    –They Pre-Qualify the accounts and Hand the Baton to your account manager.

    –> Giving your sales people 300% more meetings and Appointments with accounts you’d Dream about ‘Getting In Front of “


    –> Gaining 300% more ‘Shots on Net or ‘At Bats’



    aaron ross pic 5


    Wouldn’t it be much more Productive if you had an Outbound Lead Generation person that did all of this time consuming, non-selling work ..and your Account Managers had 200% – 300% MORE Selling time and Face time ?


                                  “Divide the Labor “


    aaron ross chart 2 pic


    So now imagine… you had a Top Flight Outbound Sales Developer to take care of the “ground game‘ back end work and get you ‘In the Door” 300% faster.

    outbound guy


    Here are some more Live B2B Appointment Setting Cold Approach Calls to listen to :


    Click to hear audio —  This is one of my ‘surrogates ‘ Aura ripping it up making calls


    — Click to hear audio – Here is Aura ripping it up again 


    Click to hear audio – Testing script with a Purchasing SAAS cloud based App company financed by Mark Cuban from Shark Tank


    Click to hear audio – Here is Melanie ripping with a a Cloud based APP company

    click to hear audio – Booking meetings with the biggest Commercial Real Estate company in the World.


    Click to hear audio – Testing the script with a new APP in the Online Ordering space with Wholesalers and Distributors


    Click to hear audio – Here we are calling Car dealerships across Canada marketing a new Payment solutions App


    Click to hear audio – Testing the script with a Payment Processing company going after local Main street merchants


    Click to hear audio – Here we are working with a Direct Booking Hotel Reservation APP calling Boutique Hotel properties all over the USA markets


    Click to hear audio – We are calling into car dealerships across Canada selling a new Sales / Service App for dealers.

    3 Hot Tips to Increase your Appointments Booked and Closing Ratio in 2015 !!

    Saturday, January 10th, 2015

    The Initial “ Discovery Worksheet”

    2) Cold Approach E-mail Referral Harvesting

    3) Trigger Event / Change of people in the Organization

    The Initial “ Discovery Worksheet”

    -So many times we are prepared for the demo and WEB briefing with our new prospect – We are all excited and jazzed about having the demo with the Ultimate Decision maker . You’ve been trying for weeks to get through to this guy , you finally did and he agreed to meet you on line .and view your fantastic web  demo that you’ve slaved over to create

    • And the prospect doesn’t show up or is not prepared

    You ask your well crafted Discovery and Needs Analysis questions – They respond with “ I don’t know “ ,“let me check on that “

    — Booking a demo a great

    What’s better is –

    • Having the prospect show up for the demo

    • Having the prospect be prepared

    After having built out and managed over 180 technology / high tech Specialized Outbound Lead Generation divisions , training and coaching over 2,500 sales people along the way, I’ve witnessed the ‘Best Practices ‘ of dozens and dozens of ‘Go to market experts and authorities . And ..like a good consultant… I’ve begged , borrowed or stolen almost all of their best strategies

    • And this is HUGE

    So here’s the Big Idea with this —  5 minutes after your Outbound new business developer books a demo / web briefing , they send over an Advanced meeting agenda . In that AMA you should include an “ Initial Discovery Worksheet”

    • You should say “ Hey thanks the opportunity to show you this new breakthrough leading app to your company . What we don’t want to do is regurgitate some canned pitch over you . we want to customize the web briefing for your exact circumstances and wanted to understand what’s really important to you regarding ___________ and what you really value about _________ ? “

    ….And where you’d like to see improvement, what you’re grappling and struggling with

    • Start them off with 5 questions about their Pain and problems they’re having that YOUR solution can solve no problem ..

    • Now they send back to you what they are interested
      in , what motivates them to ‘change’ . The prospect will get a selling piece ‘Executive Overview ‘ of the pains and problems we are going to solve , the consequences of these problems if they do nothing

    You will be able to customize the demo for their needs , and you can drive a conversation on your ability to reduce losses, save time and improve results .

    • 2) Cold Approach E-mail Referral Marketing –

    Using the “Aaron Ross ‘ Predictable Revenue’ approach with your existing Cold Calling 2.0 process , works like a champ— and  can get you an additional 20 – 35 meetings Booked per month , all on auto –pilot , with No Cold Calling

    What you do you is this :

    • a)    Use Super –Power Tools like

    — Data.com
    — Linked-In
    — Inside View
    — Sales Loft
    — Or Cadence

    Each day all of your New Business Developers or quota carrying sales people would gather 24 direct Email addresses per day form these sources — 500 per month , per each rep.

    • b)    You need to locate the top level decision maker in the organization your want to pursue : CEO , President COO , CTO , General Manager

    • c) Send them a Twitter sized non-selling Referral E-mail to get the Point of contact who’s in charge of ____________________

    d)    For every 500 Referral E-mail asking “ Who would be the best point of contact that handles _____________________ .

    You would be able to get a 9% – 12% Referral Ratio – This a a direct referral form the Top Officer in the company–500 e-mails sent @ is 60 direct referrals given to you

    Say stuff like –

    “ Dear _______

    I was doing some research on your web site and your industry and boy you guys have really accomplished something , that is awesome.. , I love your technology . It’s really making a big impression in your peer group , that I’m talking with

    My Name is ________ . My company is _______. We work with organizations like yours to ____________ .

    Could you direct me to the right person to talk about ________. So we can explore if these benefits are something you guys would like also ?

    Option 2 –

    Hey _________, hope I’m not bothering you, I just had a a conversation with __________, and they said you are the resident expert and authority in _subject area __

    I wanted to reach out because our company has a new SAAS App Platform that’s getting a lot of interest and activity from your peer group

    We help __________ ( companies exactly like you ) to _________ and we do this by

    • Benefit
    • Benefit 2
    • Benefit 3

    Let’s explore how our platform can ________________.

    Would you be flexible for a quick 10 minute executive web briefing this week or next ?

    Option 3

    Subject Line – “ Appropriate Person “

    Hi There ;

    I’m writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who handles ____________ . I also wrote to person X , person Y and person Z in that pursuit , if it makes sense to talk let me know how your calendar looks


    Why you and your sales team should do this ;

    A)    You can get 60 Direct Referrals per month to the exact point of contact from the Top Executive in the organization referring you

    — That’s golden

    B)  You can now call and Email all 60 of these Referrals back and Books Meet8ngs and Demos with them and they will be 80% more responsive since you got a Referral from their BOSS !!

    C) Out of the 60 Referrals and / Points of Contact –You can now e-mail and make an Intelligent, Warm Outbound Call to them and Book a Meeting or Web based demo with them easily.

    — Typically you’ll be able to Book a 30% to 35% conversion rate on the Outbound Call to Booking a demo with the Referral

    — That’s 18 – 27 Booked Meetings per month

    3) Trigger Event / Change of people in the Organization

    • Triggering Events , Initiatives and Objectives in
      2015 , trigger better Conversations and Conversions .

    • One if the KEYS to Outbound is calling a new customer at the right time that there’s an Opportunity , makes sense right ?

    • You have to call them at the window of dissatisfaction and they are searching for alternatives

    • “ 80% of B2B Purchases are UN-planned and Un-Budgeted”

    Change of people in the organization , into new jobs , new positions is a critical’ trigger Event “

    ” 80%
    of people taking on a new role spend
    $ 1,000,000.00 on new initiatives within 90 days”

    When you have  list of decision makers that have just changed their  jobs , you can now warm up your cold calls, leverage the knowledge of trigger events going on in their world

    New role
    — Fiscal year end
    — Venture capital
    — Management changes
    — Initiatives for the new year
    — Mergers and Acquisitions
    — New Technology

    Back to Business September 2014 Cold Calling & Appointment Setting tips to Triple Your Sales Funnel

    Sunday, August 17th, 2014

    Hi there , its August 17 right now,September and the end of summer is 2 – 3 weeks away . And then… here in Vancouver it will be cloudy and rainy for the next  5 – 7 months. In the last 3 weeks I’ve surfed 8 days at Tofino on Vancouver Island -waist to head high killer waves. I’ve completely switched from surfing to paddle-surfing , it’s so much fun . ( I’m better than Laird )

    Its all about hanging in there, when cold calling and prospecting for new opportunities– –People will throw you for a loop and are rarely ever initially interested in ‘anything’  and you need to know it will happen , and how to flow and bounce back when it does  happen.

    Here are a bunch of Live B2B appointment setting calls -Sharpen your skills to Triple your meetings for the last 4 months of the year …

    Click to hear live b2b Call selling Bio-degradable, compostable food ware solutions


    Click to hear live call getting an appointment with PHD scientists

    Click to hear live Mobile Ordering apps cold call to El Pollo Loco head office

    Click to hear live Mobile Ordering app cold Call into Jack-in-the -Box head office


    “Intelligent Outbound Warm Calling & Permission Based, Social Approach tips”

    Sunday, January 19th, 2014

    “ How to turn Cold Calls into Warm conversations with trigger events, Social connections,Social triggers and gain an ‘internal credible referral’ to get 300% more meetings booked with any company you desire

    1) Groups, Groups & Groups Join 50 LinkedIn groups. What you should do is join five LinkedIn groups and then join another 45 LinkedIn groups where your customers are hanging out and where they are getting information from , where they’re getting their resources from and insights from

    — Offer information that’s meaningful and helpful to your group share information, be a thought leader and he cites the insights to your group, strive to be seen as the subject matter expert in your space

    Join groups to start conversations.

    Moderate a group start a thread

    Do Linked-In– in mail you can in mail 50 people a day on LinkedIn and when you’re in the same group as these people you can get about 80% conversion rate from a conversation or a spammed email to booked meeting

    Point to note -you should try to join groups of 5000 members or less anything like 40,000 or 100,000 members is too many you can’t stand out it’s very difficult

    2) Be Daring, Be different, Be First .

    As Oren Klaff says from http://www.pitchmastery.com The most horrible type of the prospecting call is one that the prospect can predict the end of the call at the beginning.

    This is the problem with most cold calls the prospect can predict the end of the call in the very beginning.— Such as you’re going to say you’re solution or system is the best and you’re the greatest and you’re the leading provider asked for a meeting, that’s predictable… then your prospect is going to retreat or be BORED and reject you ..

    As Oren Klaff  says what really works is


    Holy noodle ..I can’t believe I caught you in the office … I’m on your web site looking at your picture right now .. Wow with an awesome picture like that I thought you’d be out with your agent signing autographs

    Intrigue – Yea … hey ..I was on your website doing some research on _________ , gathering some data in this are..and I was told to give your VP of I.T. a call..I don’t really know what’s its about …something to do with Cloud , IT or Mobile, Servers stuff –some issues you guys are having .

    Pattern interrupts

    Is your Internet down over there ?  ..Oh it’ seems OK ,..VOIP phones — geee..did you ever have a day when everything went perfect — you know .. . ? —-  I need one of those..

    .. Hey its Murray here with ________ I know your probably really swamped right now ..if we could deliver a solution that could ___________, would I be able to have a 3 minute conversation with you on the calendar this week ?


    Oh.. John hasn’t worked here  since 2010 — holy noodle ..he still owes me $50 for Lunch …–Hmm…I think he said the company would pay for it.. If you look out the window Im in the white car … yea that’s me — just kidding ..


    Hey, who has a focus and attention on subject area.

    Social relevance

    Social name drops and referrals

    Hey it’s Murray here, I just got off the phone with ( Referral) and we were talking about some of your 2014 objectives & initiatives you have on your plate and a few obstacles in the way( things that effect him )

    And I believe you are the resident expert and authority on ( subject area )

    If you have 3 minutes I like to listen to understand more and we just might have some new , innovative ideas and options that can ( price-less answer looking for )

    Mention of second-degree LinkedIn connections

    Mention of LinkedIn groups this

    3) http://www.jobchangealerts.com subscribe to this free service – Every day you get an email sent to you with all the people in your Linked-In network that have changed their careers and Jobs

    Hey John Its Murray here,  congratulations on your new career over at ________, that’s awesome !! Just read on Linked –in that you are running the helm of the ship over at _______, you’re in my network on Linked-in….  …

    4) Aaron Ross who wrote – http://www.predictablerevenue.com The best-selling new book on predictable revenue in 2014

    He believes like we all believe that you should not be cold calling today in this 2014 I would personally say this from an expert who has Built out over 389 Inside sales and Tele-Sales departments in over 43 industries .

    In this day and age with all the social media with http://www.data.com , http://www.linkedin.com,http://www.salesloft.com,,  and all the other sources you can get the personal names and direct phone number and direct email from all of these list sources so you don’t have to cold call in the raw anymore

    A cold call is calling someone you don’t know and is expecting your call people hate being surprised, they hate it, you hate doing it and it sure doesn’t work as good as permission-based Warm calling and intelligent outbound prospecting

    You’re just a ‘Cowboy or plain Dumb not to use these tools today ..

    Aaron’s simple approach came from working at sales force.com in 2003 and he had to cold call and he hated it so what are you did was he came up with this idea that went like this

    5)   He would research in LinkedIn and jigsaw the top top decision-maker in the ‘Target’ company . Then he would send a spam email to the top decision-maker in the company,  the top CEO or president of the company

    No more than 130 characters 3 paragraphs, No Selling in it all.

    He would say stuff like this…

    Hey I’m just trying to see if there’s a fit or a match I don’t want to waste your time I was looking for your help I’m wondering who has the focus or attention on your industry/ subject, maybe you could steer me in that direction ?


    “ Hey I’m looking for help I’m not sure you know who I should talk to I I don’t know who is in charge of this could you possibly point me in the right direction of the person who’s in charge of________________?

    “ Hey I’m in a looking for help but I’m not sure where to begin… I think I’ve got something really interesting but I don’t know -not certain … Wondering if could you point me in the right direction with the person who had a focus our attention on_____________”

    He would have his business developers in salesforce.com send out 30 of these a day, 150 of these a week,and about 600 per month.

    Out of the 600 spammed emails to the top decision-maker in the company he would get an internal credible referral 54 to 110 times


    So think about that – 54 – 110 Out of 600 Top level decision makers would respond to a Spammed E-mail asking for help to get pointed in the right direction …

    –Isn’t that Incredible

    Aaron and the Salesforce.com team it till this day today in 2014 uses the exact same process and is a $ 3 billion-dollar company

    – $ 24 Million in re-curing revenue a month

    For more free tips or if you want to talk about How to Build a $ Mufti-Million producing Inside Sales  and Out-Bound Prospecting department at your company


    Call me on my cell # anytime 604-307-2431
    Regards –Murray Warren

    # 1 Key to ‘Crack the code’ to get Meetings with anybody

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    # 1 key to getting appointments with any
    Decision Maker

    Murray Warren from Increased-Revenues.com writes –You have to be able to communicate value that they are going to get at the meeting –NOT the value so much of when they buy , or the ownership experience

    The prospect has to feel that if they grant you the meeting, that they are going to get more VALUE at this meeting–even if they don’t buy a thingThis is the # 1 KEY to the vault of meetings booked

    It’s the perceived VALUE at the meeting – It’s almost like they are going to get all of this great information and value for FREE at the meeting that will solve all of their problems , critical business issues and it won’t cost them a thing

    A Telesales candidate that I’ve been training started with this magic phrase that on Friday Feb 13 2013 got him 5 meetings booked

    Oh yeah , by the way over the last 6 months he has been running a 73% show up ratio, they are all Fortune 500 companies and top decision makers like CTO’s and CIO’s — 73 % of the prospects show up for the web based demo

    This is how he did it ;

    Anthony wove into his credibility / benefits statement , specific results achieved . NOT general but specific resultsGET SPECIFIC find specific results to share . Then he transitioned into asking for the meeting with this line …

    I‘d like to introduce myself and share `some specific strategies & methods used to accomplish these results … if you think of us in the future , down the line that would be great … would you have some time in the next week or two ?

    Figure out how you can create the perception of intense value “At the meeting’ and you can increase your meetings booked effortlessly by 200% – 400%

    “ How to kick your Inner Sales-Man Awake and put that Bad Boy to work… to Persuade & Influence

    Saturday, December 15th, 2012

    click here to read news letter

    Back to Business Sept 2012 Appointment Setting Tips 2 Aug 5 2012

    It’s the New Year 2013 ..still doing things
    the old way ..?

    Deeply satisfied with your results …?

    Here is a January 2013 NEW YEAR Playbook to increase your meetings and appointments by 300%

    Read through it and pull 1 or 2 golden nuggest out of this –watch your meetings and INCOME Soar. !!!!

    How to handle “I’m not the Decision Maker”

    Monday, July 30th, 2012

    Objection – “ I can’t attend the meeting / demo I’m not the decision maker.”

    1) That’s not a problem at all, we here this all the time when we initially talk with our new accounts.

    2) If I could, let me tell you how we typically work with our new customers.

    -When we first call all our new customers our main goal is to discover if they are using a conferencing platform.

    -When we find out they are, our goal is to try and find out which platform they are using and how long they have been with them.

    3) Since you are experienced in using your existing platform, your opinion and feedback would be fantastic on these new innovative conferencing products that have just come out. We know that you are not the final decision maker on this and we are totally comfortable with that. We wanted to see what resonates with you.

    4) And if you see value in this we can supply you with pricing, options and pdfs to fit your firms needs.

    And we are just  hoping you can take this up the pipeline to your executive team with the recommendation.

    5) There is no obligation or commitment at all it is purely an informational call on what is ahead of the curve in hd, video and web solutions to improve your training presentations etc.