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    It’s Spring 2017 … Time to get your Outbound Hustle On !!!

    Saturday, April 22nd, 2017










    Getting Tired of your .05% Return on Cold
    E-Mail marketing ?

    …Getting a lousy response spamming your Corporate Accounts ?


    … Are you doing Content Marketing and smoking HOPEIUM hoping that primo perfect accounts are going to blow through your door and ‘Chase you for your business ” ?

     Possibly its time to learn Murray’s Permission
    Cold Calling 2.0 Techniques and his Cold Approach 
    E-mail Marketing Secrets …?

    After 21 years of building Outbound New Business
    Development and Telesales departments for over 400 companies , in 49 industries , with over 221 Technology companies, SAAS cloud based Apps and Software companies


    I started to see a pattern developing with every account I worked on,

    email 2 july 8










    Companies will do Everything on the Planet Earth to “Get Through ” to Corporate Enterprise Accounts 
    — Content marketing , Sales Force , Marketo , Hub Spot
    — Cold Approach E-mail
    — The Social Media cartel
    — Linked-In
    — FaceBook
    ..And these are all fine and Great, BUT to Think you can’t pick up the PHONE and get into a Conversation with someone you have not met , or been referred to , or who has not “raised their hand” , or Opted in is a bunch of “Malarkey”

    Corporate Enterprise Sales is fuelled by Meaningful Sales conversations that lead into a Sales process and Outbound Sales funnel Sequence
    I see it everywhere I go Sales professionals are petrified to PICK up The PHONE and REACH- OUT, it seems they have been told –” Just send out 150 e-mails a day” – They’ve turned into E-mail Monkeys or Avatar’s


    Here’s the Ultimate B2B Outbound ‘Hustle ‘
    Script Builder  :


    Oh hey I know you’re really super busy I was talking with _referral____and she said you were the resident expert in authority I need to talk to

    You deal with all of the ____________and ____________ over there is that right?


     I just wanted to share with you an idea that can
    ( Monster benefit )

    And I was wondering if  you might be open to some
    new ideas or options that can –

    — Benefit 1

    — Remove problem 2

    Offer benefit 3

    Would you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or some common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest …
    Another option

    Hey I respect you’re really busy …..and you deal with all the accounting and HR in Accounts Payable over there that’s what  name Drop Told me

    I just wanted to share with you an idea, a new option that hundreds of your peer group are using right now

    And was wondering if we have a solution that will

    Benefit 1

    Remove problem 2

    Offer benefit 3

    Would you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or some common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest

    Or if your super busy could I get 5 minutes on your calendar for Later this week , say Thurs
    @ 1:00 , thanks

    Awesome … here’s the Big Idea in 100 words
    Another version

    Hey I just got off the phone with ___name drop___and your name came up as more of the resident expert in authority I need to talk to you…

    Did I catch you at an OK time?

    I see you’re the _________, do you have a focus her attention on______________ ?


    My company is and we–what we do

     I was researching your company and your objectives for 2017-–I was on your LinkedIn profile and really like that post / that slide share- you did on _________________

    And I was wondering if you’d be open to  some new ideas or options on how toMonster Benefit

    Here’s a great Flow

    I am MW calling with ________ we help companies in this vertical, to  ——— and ———

    Recently we’ve worked with, name drop and name drop  and delivered significant and substantial benefits such as __________ and __________
    _benefit 1_________
    _benefit 2_________

    And as a result they are able to



    And were confident we can deliver the same
    for your company…

     Could I ask you just a few quick questions to see if there’s any chance we could help your company as well?


     Or was wondering if you could give me 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be a fit or a match, I promise I’ll earn the rest .

    Here are some Live B2B Appointment Setting Calls to Jump-start you into Summer …..

    Here’s Murray Warren calling the Top Digital strategy guy for John Elway , famous quarterbacks huge car dealer-ship franchise in Denver
    click to hear live call audio


    Outbound B2B Prospecting and Cold Calling is Sexy Again…

    Monday, May 18th, 2015

    Outbound and Cold Calling was once in the doghouse for years… Now it’s hotter than ever – minus the brutal cold calling in the raw – because it can Rocket Growth!

    All the buzz for the last 5 years for B2B marketers has been ..Inbound

    Inbound is awesome, we all love inbound leads and people calling us all day. But if you’re dependent on it and waiting for the phone to ring, a referral or an opt-in to blow in through the window, it’s not reliable, consistent to fuel growth

    It doesn’t give your company the ability to profile you’re perfect customer – go out and have conversations with your ideal prospect, build a big dream hit list of people who aren’t calling you. Outbound and Cold Calling 2.0 gives a B2B company  a scalable – consistent – reliable way to grow your business

    Utilizing dedicated outbound lead generation enables very targeted approach to your ideal prospect profile at executive levels.

    In addition a dedicated outbound prospecting division creates a pool, farm team of sorts for the  future closing talent to hire from

    Inbound and Outbound are totally complementary

    –Your inbound strategy is to generate qualified leads for the sales team to follow up on. However it’s not the Holy Grail – especially if you’re selling to the high-level mid-tier markets / The corporate enterprise market

    Many of the inbound leads are too low on the totem pole and have no influence at all,

    With Outbound sales development and using the new Cold Calling 2.0 Super-Power tools like ;

    — Data.com

    — LinkedIn Navigator

    — Predictable Revenue Cold Approach E-mail marketing

    — Sales Loft/ Cadence

    — PRWEB.com

    — YesWare.com

    You can now bring the control back to your driver seat it on your terms it on your agenda, build a dream wish list of accounts and have conversations with them

    With these tools you can now gain incredible market and business intelligence ;

    — Get the decision-makers name,

    —  Their email address,

    — Their direct dial phone #

    — A complete bio on everything about them where they went to school what interest, sports or hobbies they have

    — Trigger Events going in their world

    — Initiatives and Objectives they want to achieve.

    —  Their favorite color skittle’s

    — You can control the  # of employees and staff in the company,

    — The account entry point into the company

    — Get Referred up the “ladder” by Internal Credible Referrals

    — the industries you want to call into, all of the decision-makers names up the supply chain — Create a big pre-researched, prevetted list of potential target accounts.

    I’ve got all the information about the company and of the target accounts I want to have conversations with

    “ You can build a Breadcrumb trail of Internal Credible Referrals,  Name Drops & Social Influence…”

    With In-Bound marketing you hope that your content marketing is working that you spread around the social media

    You hope
    that your SEO and SEM is working

    You hope
    that the right decision makers, in the right companies on your dream wish list will by chance read your content, opt in and subscribe to your lead magnet

    It seems like there’s a lot of Hope going on… And not much control

    It’s undeniable and un-arguable the trade-off you get when you pay $30,000 a year base salary for an outbound dedicated sales developer generating leads and opening the door for your sales team..

    — They will send out 300 to 500 cold outbound referral emails a month

    — which will generate 60 referrals to the right point of contact from the CEO/president

    —  From these calls and leads you will schedule 20+ demos and high-level discovery calls with top-level decision-makers

    — In addition , your Sales Developer will make about 1200 to 1500 gross amount to Dials a month to have a productive selling conversation with top decision makers

    From these attempted calls they will produce  another 220 conversations a month – which would book another 20 to 30 appointments and meetings per month


    There’s a saying I love – “ Do companies really do 80% of their buying research before contacting you?

    – along with 9 other vendors and similar suppliers to you !

    Not with Out-Bound …

    We all love it when someone calls us you must also know they’re also calling 5 – 9 other providers they’ve short-listed and researched on Google

    ( like you’re in the hotel bar in Vegas and a really pretty girl comes on to you –)

    You’re really not that special bro….

    My point is that–  with Outbound you can find companies that are not even thinking of change– you can now share some research that’s going on, or trends that are going on in their industry and in their sector …with their exact peer group.

    Artificially inseminate problems, areas of dissatisfaction, pain and hurt that many other people in their peer group have been experiencing – Engage in some Doubt-Creation — which they may be having as well.

    Share some research and trends that are going on in their World
    , where things are moving to

    And then you say the most effective appointment setting line ever

    “ And hey I don’t want to make any assumptions at this point that there would be a good fit of match .. I was just wondering if you might be Open to some new ideas or options in this area that could –____________________ “

    –Now you can create a vision for them for the future with ideal outcomes that will solve these problems and Take Them to the Promised Land

    “ All with 10 X less competition than inbound leads”

    “ The 4 most ‘Shocking’ Marketing and Revenue Capture Secrets of Highly successful Technology / High Tech Companies”

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    “ If you’re selling to the ‘C’ Suite and doing B-to-B Enterprise Sales and you believe that Cold-Calling Doesn’t Work You are leaving $ Millions of dollars on the table that will cost you dearly in 2013 !

    I read and see so many so called ‘Sales Gurus; saying and spouting off that Cold –Calling doesn’t work in 2013. That only idiots cold-call or Web 2.0 , Social media Google search , Direct mail letters eliminates the need to prospect and cold call

    If you’re cold calling the old way not the ‘Permission based , Fear Free way, I can see their point .

    Just like technology has evolved, the internet , Social Media, Marketing , Video marketing. In 2013 if you/re prospecting and cold calling the ‘Old School’ way , dialing for dollars the “ It’s a numbers Game” way and attempting to cold call Top level decision makers with 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s techniques and tactics, it will be Painful and won’t work any good

    If you’re not using prospecting, cold calling and appointment setting with other integrated tools like ;

    Ø Telephone based NLP strategies

    Ø Negative qualifiers & chill down statements

    Ø Hypnotic triggers to shift focus and perception

    Ø Magnetic Marketing Messages & permission based

    Ø Educational Article Marketing , pain, problem and hurt development

    Ø Nurture and Drip marketing

    Ø Online Interactive Executive Web Briefings with top level decision makers

    If you’re cold calling in the ‘Raw’ and your results suck . I can totally see why you would rather eat glass or bicycle parts than prospect and cold call top decision makers and qualify them for interest and needs in your core business offering

    As a Revenue Acceleration expert that is specialized in Business-to-business ‘Go to market ‘ strategies that has worked with over 389 companies, in over 47 different industries, and been responsible for over $ 733 Million in increased sales revenues for our clients.

    My career for the last 17 years has been to build, design and manage the Telesales & Lead Generation strategies to locate the customers that are ‘Ready to buy ‘ for my clients . I’ve coached and trained over 5,600 sales professionals to — Get through to the top level decision maker and Book meetings and presentations with them

    I have been in and out of 389 companies, of which 172 have been high tech based . Interviewed over 1,500 CEO’s , VP’s of Sales and President’s of companies and honestly it’s not your fault that you don’t know how to prospect and cold call effectively without rejection or negativity

    You have had bad advice given to you

    All of the Sales Gurus , VP’s of Sales and Presidents that I have worked with don’t know how to do this , they suck at it , they hate it and are afraid to do this –So they think it doesn’t work.

    As a result, migrate to passive/ reactive strategies that don’t sustain, give enough sales activity or momentum . Which means feast or famine syndrome in your sales life.

    Remember when you first got hired at your company . They started off with all your training induction.

    Ø Product Knowledge downloads

    Ø Technical information

    Ø Demonstrations of the whiz-bag gadgets

    Ø FAQ’s

    Ø How to make a presentation when in front of a customer

    Ø Possibly even how to overcome their objections , move the sales forward and close the deal.

    If I could ask… how much “Live Cold Call Training” or appointment setting did they give you ?

    It’s kind of like dating – It’s great to know what to do when you’re on a date with a beautiful girl . It’s really helpful to know what to say to intrigue and be interesting and funny with them

    BUT …. How about how to actually “ Get the dates” ?

    How much time did your Sales manager or VP of Sales make live cold calls with you to show you how to book appointments and meetings with top decision makers in your niche?

    I find it quite ironic that all companies focus 98% of their training and coaching on when you get a meeting and the prospect is IN THE SALES FUNNEL

    But maybe only 2% is on HOW TO GET THEM INTO THE SALES FUNNEL.

    This is where the dirty , ugly truth lies.

    As a result,

    Ø 5% of companies are highly successful in any economy

    Ø 15% are doing well

    Ø And 80% are struggling and grappling with lack of sales pipeline activity, deals that don’t close or take wayyyy to long to close and sales person turn-over.

    The real question here is “ What does the 20% know that the 80% doesn’t?”

    ” 53% of purchaser’s report that when vendors and suppliers call , it gets them on the vendor list to propose and quote on their business”

    –Digital Sherpa / CSO insights

    As opposed to a spammed e-Mail or direct mail piece.

    What are they doing ?

    What do they know?

    Here are the 4 most shocking Marketing and Revenue Capture secrets that highly successful technology and high tech companies and business leaders do in any economy to consistently increase their sales revenues

    1) They don’t rely on their sales team for Sales Pipeline Development and Sales Funnel development activity

    2) They don’t “ wait for their ship to come in – They swim out to it and if they can’t get on-board, they find a way to “Get Through” and get a meeting any top decision maker.

    3) They control their marketing Destiny –And not wait and smoke “Hopeium” and wait for Google search, web inquiries, referrals, word of mouth or the phone to ring

    4) They develop a “ Dream Buyer” Strategy with persistence, pig-headed discipline & determination target them with Phone calls , E-mails , Faxes , Voice mails , permission based E-mails , Videos , Testimonials , References, Raving fan interviews, Mulch-media presentations problem & dilemma based educational articles , White Papers and PDF’s –- to get in front of them to pitch them on their core business offering

    I will elaborate on all of these a bit later .

    If you ask 1,000 sales professionals that sell into the B2B mid tier and high tier markets all over North America , what is the biggest sales challenge ?

    1) What to say do when in front of a high level decision maker ?


    2) How to get in front of high-level ultimate decision makers?

    95% of all sales professionals say their biggest
    challenge is

    “ How to get in front of a top decision maker to tell your story to them …”

    If they can get in front of them , they are convinced they can close them.

    Typically they are confident in their ability to move the prospect through the sales pipeline. But, 95% are NOT as confident in their ability to set the needed number of meetings or appointments each week to keep the sales pipeline full .

    The ability to set initial appointments and meetings consistently each week with qualified new buyers is an early and accurate prediction of a sale person’s success

    As a group, professional sales people have a failure rate of over 70% . This is due to the necessity to fill their appointment book with qualified meetings and demos

    Everyone has a per-conditioned mind-set about anything .

    When it comes to high level prospecting and cold calling for new sales opportunities the “Sales Gurus” or even the VP of Sales or Sales manager has per-conditioned mindset about what can be achieved or not achieved

    The VP of Sales or Sales guru was probably terrible at Introductory cold calling and doesn’t know how to do it properly . As a result, they suck at cold calling for new business and sales opportunities; they are horrible at follow-up calls on warm leads and have to find alternatives.

    So it’s the fault of the sales organizations, the management team, the VP of Sales , the Sales Manager and the ‘Sales Guru’s ‘ and authors .

    They are misleading sales people and entrepreneurs into believing that they don’t have to cold call any more

    They are confusing sales people to think that all they have to do is :

    Ø Send out direct mail letters to notoriously busy and hrd to get through to decision makers

    Ø Send out a spam related e-mail to the decision maker without a conversation that has been attached to this

    Ø Set up a Google adwords accounts and all the decision makers are going to float in and call you and/ or subscribe to a form

    Ø Do SEO and get to the top of Google –that this is the ‘Holy Grail ‘ in high level B2B Sales.Hang out on Twitter, Linked-In, Face-Book and You-Tube and prospects will float in and give you orders !!

    Let’s look at some of the “so called” alternatives

    Here’s the scenario .. you have a $ 100,000 Software application that is good fit for mid tier and high tier companies . You need a buy in and need to build a business case with the CFO , Controller ,VP, General Manager and the CTO and the CIO . Oh yeah they are doing about $300 million to $ 3 Billion in business per year

    This account entry, this target is a sophisticated purchaser which is living , eating and breathing a hyper –ADD( attention deficit disorder ) life . Their day-to-day is meetings, Management people, resource issues , target and Sales quota and number issues . These people are “Busy ‘ to say the least . To get their attention for 2 minutes is difficult, let alone 25 minutes for a meeting

    So we are to believe that they have nothing better to do than sit in front of their computer on Google , typing in your exact keywords , float in to your web site , subscribe to a form , call your 1-800# — and then buy your 6 figure solutions .

    Many authors , self proclaimed Sales Gurus feel that all you have to do is advertise on Google, go to trade shows, do social media marketing , send out a direct mail letter to create interest and demand for their solutions …

    Let me ask you .. who doesn’t do this ?

    I live in Vancouver , British Columbia and this would be the basic lift ticket to get to the top of Whistler Mountain . This is the basic business entry . Duhhhhh…..

    Of course you should be doing this. But how good are you skiing steep and deep moguls the size of Volkswagen beetles ?

    My point here is that … If you don’t add Premeditated, well thought out prospecting and Cold calling the new Permission Based way to your marketing Mix … you will be leaving $ Millions of dollars on the table , that your competitors will just gobble up .

    The best accounts that you want to build a relationship with are NOT calling you .

    The best accounts that you want to build a relationship with are NOT calling you . You must call them and leverage your success, validated business case studies and references with them . You must share with them the problems you solve with your solution to their ‘Peer Group’

    All of your target ‘Dream Buyer ‘ accounts don’t know you , don’t know your reputation , your credibility , your reputation BUT when you send them something that is ‘Not requested’ , they will stop what they are doing and read your stuff

    Fantasy Island stuff …

    Who wouldn’t want this ?

    This is ridiculous marketing advice , it’s sure not valid selling skills advice

    You have to get on the phone and engage them in a tantalizing conversation, overcome their initial fears, uncertainties and doubts , show them you are a true sales professional , that you’ve got ‘Balls’ and that your not some AFC – Average Frustrated chump ( Neil Strauss , The Game)

    It’s like the sales person waiting for the ‘Marketing ‘ department to generate and develop the leads for the sales people . Like baby robins waiting for mother robin to fly in and put worms in their mouths. If this was all there was to be a success in sales , then you would only need a Marketing department

    Why would you need sales-people ?

    The beauty of a Premeditated, well thought out, researched cold calling and permission based requested e-mail marketing solution is that you can CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY

    You have fate at you finger-tips . You can control
    everything , Such as ;

    1) The type of company you want pursue . You can research them on Jigsaw.com Get the targets names go to Linkedin , do some research on their company and the individual –

    People like people like them –Building rapport and common ground is everything –You can’t do that in static Email or Direct mail piece , there’s no personality to it

    The magnitude of the opportunity –look at their body of work. How big are they ? What’s going on in their industry that’s really cool and exciting ?

    2) The number employees and annual sales of the company – Make sure it’s not some small, marginal account which is waste of time

    3) When you make the call and have a conversation and he /she is not the right target . You can get referrals and get steered into the right direction – Gathering referrals and name-drops along the way

    n This alone is priceless to use with your Voice mail marketing and Email marketing to drop names within the company

    The Sales Gurus marketing advice is just send out a direct mail piece or an unsolicited e-mail, go to a network function , chill out , don’t be pro-active and take another puff of ‘Hopeium’ the wonder drug of sales professionals

    This is way to ‘Reactive ‘ for me.

    Well I don’t know about you, but growing up in Los Angeles , specifically in Palos Verdes in the South Bay of LA , I didn’t wait for beautiful girls to come up to me and ask me out for a date . ( I’d be still waiting )

    I was pro-active and would approach beautiful girls , get into a conversation with them , make them laugh and have fun teasing them , and then turned this into a gripping, tantalizing conversation and have them do all the talking and then turn that into a date and get their phone number

    I’m also a short dude , I’d be lying if I said I’m 5’6 ( and Looked like Sean Penn in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High remember that movie ) . Growing up in L.A, with all of these hot looking, buff surfer dudes was intimidating . However most of them could not get a date if their life depended on it , let alone could they be pro-active

    I guess I’m old school since I’m over 45 but I believe that the Internet is at fault here . It’s made everyone lazy and they have forgotten the basics of Corporate Enterprise Sales

    Ø About meeting and getting dates with girls and

    Ø High Level Business-to-business Sales

    You have to be Pro-Active.

    # 1 KEY to Overcoming & Diffusing every B2B Objection that comes up.

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    Murray Warren from Bowen Island writes –Having built, designed and managed over 392 pro-active Outbound Telesales / Lead Generation , New Business Development departments in over 47 different industries , of which over182 have been technology based, spanning 17 years– — I have run into every objection on the Planet Earth

    I’m all about diffusing the pressure and building trust with prospects over the phone

    Every company I have consulted with has a D. R. A. B a dominant reason to avoid buying — You have to know WHY they are objecting to your core business offering ?

    What are your companies 3 objections and/or stalls you get all the time ?

    1) ____________________________________

    2) ____________________________________

    3) ____________________________________

    For example , let’s say they “are happy with what they are presently using ”

    — What is their perception of being happy ?

    This is the ‘Permission based B2B Telesales
    Appointment Setting Formula
    I use and train and coach my clients

    1) AGREE with them

    — You’re absolutely right

    — That’s not a problem at all

    –That’s totally cool that you don’t want to explore what we do

    2) VALIDATE What they just said

    — So as I understand it –you have a great solution / system in place and you don’t see any reason to explore or learn what’s ahead of the curve in _________ ?

    Is that right ?

    –Would that be an accurate snapshot ?

    — That makes total sense, I mean why would you without any concrete numbers to compare or review I totally understand you responding that way -if there is no reason to switch or change?


    — Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match ay all –I don’t want to claim we have some miracle cure

    ( I would need my day in court to prove that )

    Sidebar — Just by Validating their objection and diffusing the pressure here makes you 95% different than all of the other jockeys that have been there before –Purchasers have heard it all before –You have to be authentic and genuine –this makes them feel that you CARE

    4) GROUP Them together with all of the other people in their / TRIBE--PEER GROUP that initially felt the same way.

    Sidebar — This is where your ‘Natural Vibing and Customer Story-Telling really comes in

    Just like the best actors Sean Penn, Pacino, Deniro , Jolie they have read their script 400X and have it down –They have their script so natural and smooth

    Sorry , for the rant –I’m just passionate .Anyways , you need to develop your rebuttal/ comeback stories

    Find stories to tell like this A customer like you who was very skeptical and indifferent about getting
    involved ..and had the same initial fears , doubts and concerns as you do , took a leap of faith and now are raking it in ..

    Say this — ” Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match at all

    I’m talking with and doing research every day with your PEER GROUP on SUBJECT and almost 95% of the people we talk with initially feel the same way as you, they have a system or a solution that they’re happy with and don’t see a reason to change.

    Most of the PEER GROUP on SUBJECT think it makes good business sense to always be OPEN to NEW IDEAS and OPTIONS and always be on the lookout and keep their ear to the ground for new methods and processes to improve performance and productivity. output / profits — I’m sure that’s the same for you …
    ( say what-ever critical business issue they want to solve here )

    5) Entice and SEDUCE with BENEFITS

    What we’ve been told by other companies that have this / do it this way / doing this process —- that they grapple and struggle with problems such as:

    –> problem #1

    –> problem #2

    With many of these companies and VP’s C-suite decision makers they kind felt unified , in the same way / perspective and viewpoint on things —

    That it makes good business sense , to keep your ‘ear to the ground’ and always be on the lookout and ahead of the curve for new Ideas or Options that can ( improve , add value , increase , speed up , streamline etc… their business flow , sales process , what-ever they are doing to do things faster , better , cheaper and/ or easier )

    I’m sure that’s the same for you …. ( you have to say this )

    I was just wondering if you might be OPEN to some new IDEAS or OPTIONS around getting rid of PROBLEMS 1 & 2 and gaining BENEFIT 3 &

    Wrap it UP…

    We’ve prepared a 15 minute Executive web Briefing the that will outline an Overview of our Value proposition

    — The Investment, ROI and Payback – Exactly how long it takes to get your investment back –then pure profit – At this meeting you will get the exact methods and strategies we have used to make billions for our clients for free –

    If nothing else we will give you a condensed knowledge of the hottest , most amazing new break-through solutions on how to _________ ( biggest benefit they are looking for) for free the 4 simple secrets How you can ___-____ better, fasten , easier, cheaper –than you can imagine ( some kind of great ethical BRIBE )

    Then say “ Seriously, you will have Multiple Holy crap I had no idea that was possible moments”

    check out my blog for tons of FREE tips, strategies and techniques for amazing B2B Teles-Sales and Appointment Setting Information get in the door with any company you desire , remove the Pain and Awkwardness and learn the Permission Based approach