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    `From Not interested…to Alternate Quote in 2 minutes `

    Saturday, November 18th, 2017

    How to walk your Prospect down the Garden Path of Their Decision Making Process… and have them Choose you .

    garden path 2

    How to get your prospect to walk down the Garden Path of the Decision process they made to get their existing supplier or Vendor .

    That they made logical steps to get this vendor and if they did this again .. it could be very worth their while.


    Click audio to hear the 4 Question process to turn around the hardest purchaser to a neutral basis … within 120 seconds
    This is the # 1 Competitive selling Frame-work 

    Here’s the “Garden Path” Process :

    1. Agree with them–Not a problem at all, I totally understand

    2. Say , would you mind if I ask How long have you been with
      them ?

      You want to hear …years , over 12 months ..the better

    3. Then say , “Were you involved with the decision to get this provider back then ?”

      YES — Awesome ?

      If No – Then say , Do you think the Executive team team at that time ….  did any research, comparing or shopping around with other providers to find this excellent provider ?

    4. Hey well , at that time when you got them did you do any research, comparing or shopping around with other providers to find this excellent provider ?

    5. Great , so you subscribe to the idea that it makes good business sense to shop around and review.. cool

      ..And you’ve been with them a long time , I’m sure they’re serving you well. You did great research back then…( in the day )

    6. So I’m sure you feel researching and comparing other products , other vendors a good thing from time to time ,  just to keep them on their toes …

    7. You know obviously I called you out of the blue ….

      We’ve been talking for a while now and it’s sounding like there could be some synergy or good reason to continue the conversation …
      — There’s  new features & functionality that have been just released that weren’t even invented ..when you got your solution-everything is so much better , faster,  cheaper & more reliable now .. The Costs have decreased significantly – They work a lot better

      We would love the opportunity to throw out hat into the Ring , and show you what we’ve created for your peer group , just to get your opinion and feedback on this

    8. If your flexible lets move this to a calendar Invite , lets schedule a quick 10 minute executive web briefing where I can show you all of this in multi media …not just on the phone, with a subject matter expert …ask questions, purely exploratory , no commitment or obligation…

              Hey how does your calendar look for …. ?

    Summers Over 2016 , Time to Scale Up your Outbound Hustle ….

    Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

    As Summer 2016 comes to a close …All B2B Marketers are scrambling to Triple their Sales Pipeline to sell into for Q-4 !!

    summers over 10
















    Here’s a great Swipe-file of the best Converting Opening statements & Transition and Bridge statements … which are the sleight of hand of Outbound Tele-prospecting , refocus attention ..somewhere else


    Here is the best “send me info” line ever

    No problem what’s your email?


    Great, before I go let me ask you a question to help me tailor the information to your specific needs and circumstances …

    How do you currently blah blah blah ?


    In addition to yourself who else hope to make the decisions in this area

    Great thanks


    Leveraging the referral and the competition in your opening statement


    Hey I was speaking with __name drop__________, over at, regarding common problem challenge or key business issue, and he mentioned I should give you a call to get your feedback and opinion

    We recently helped __________, Company 2 and Company 3 to avoid major huge problem disaster, while at the same time get–  monster huge benefits

     And wanted to see if this might be something you’d possibly be interested in also ?

    And wanted to see if this might be something you would possibly be interested in knowing a little more about as well ?


    Can you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there’s some synergy or common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest ..?


    Some great cold email approach subject lines


    Your article in ________


    Your post on _______


    Your video about


    It’s time to crank up your Outbound Hustle , and you can’t expect your sales team to prospect and cold call 300% more and load up the ‘Top of the Sales Funnel ‘


    Create a “Specialist” Sales model where – Prospectors and Junior Inside Sales reps reach out and do all the research , prospecting and meaningful sales conversations & Book meetings and appointments for the sales team .


    And then hand-off ‘Open” leads, Discovery Calls , Snap-shot Web Demos and Meetings to the the sales team.

    sales specialization 1


    In 2007  it took an average of 3.68 call attempts to reach a prospect


    ...Today in 2016 it takes 9 attempts


    — It’s 300% harder to reach top level Decision Makers for a productive selling conversation


    Average sales person makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect then gives up


    Average sales person makes 8 dials per hour and prospects for 6.25 hours to set one appointment


    Average sales person spends 93 hours to 120 hours a month on the phone trying to get through to set up 12  appointments a month


    50% of all sales go to the first sales person to contact and have a meaningful sales conversation with the prospect


    70% of all purchasers that switched to the new supplier said that 100% of them were initially satisfied and happy with their solution when they were approached ..before they switched


    — So the questions begs,  is the Bottom 70% of the market that’s not Looking or not interested worth going after ?
    –> I think so ….

    So just imagine for a moment …. Your sales people over at your company , imagine they didn’t have to waste 80% of their selling time to do all of these selling steps …


    Imagine…. you had an In-house Outbound Sales Development team / person , They did all the research, reaching out and made 1,500 calls per month, sent out 400 cold approach referral emails , got 36 – 65 referrals, got into 220 meaningful sales conversations per month with the right decision makers and Booked 25 – 50 appointments and meetings for the sales team

    specialize 2

    email 2 july 8












    Here’s a great opening statement formula

    We created a unique approach to ____________, that will –
    ( eliminate pain challenge and hurt )– and the purpose of my call today is to see if there might be some synergy or common ground on what you’re looking for in the area of _______ and what we’ve created for your peer group..


    Can you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there might be some common ground or synergy .. I promise I’ll earn the rest ?


    Okay here are some Fall 2016 Back to Business Live B2B Appointment Setting Cold Calls to get you jump started for Q-4 2016 … cheers !!

    click to hear audio –-Here we are calling Printing and Duplication companies all over the USA

    Click to hear audio – GPS Fleet tracking and Management App – calling Fleets across Canada


    Click to hear audio – Calling into printing and Duplication companies USA market


    Click to hear audio – Calling into the mobile , remote Ordering , Inspection App Market with Utilities all over the USA


    Click to hear audio – Testing the script with a huge Freight Forwarding , Cross Border shipping company


    Click to hear audio – Testing the outbound talk talk with a huge SAGE Partner with an E-Commerce App


    Good Bye Summer of 2016 , I’ll miss the warm days of paddle surfing 2- 4 ft shore break on Bowen Island.

    summers over 8

    Why Sales-People shouldn’t Prospect, Present and Close Deals end-to-end

    Sunday, August 21st, 2016

    Outbound 1

               “Lead Generation Grows a Business..
           Not Sales People ” 


    Why companies that lump all the sales activities, duties and responsibilities to the sales team get 80% less sales results .


    …And why companies that have a “Specialist  Sales model “. Outbound Sales Developers, researching, e-mailing, getting into meaningful sales conversations and Booking Meetings & Demos for the quota carrying Account Managers
    Gain 300% more REACH &

    300% more shots on net

    Outbound 2

    Typically any company that has an average worth of $ 5,000 -$ 10,000 per year of 1 new customer


    –Has a Direct Sales approach where they rely on the sales  person ability to get “in Front ‘ of new customers each month and pitch and close new business


    You Should be doing Outbound and not relying
    on In-Bound leads to feed the sales team


    Inbound leads pay the rent, but you can’t scale your business with Inbound – You need a fine tuned “Specialist ” sales model where Openers open the accounts and Closers close new business

    outbound 4


    How to gain a 300% Increase in Sales Pipeline & New Sales Opportunities in less than 59 days

    Sunday, April 17th, 2016


    Are you finalizing your Sales Teams goals for
    Q – 2 of 2016 ?


     As our prospects and customers turn their attention to the New year …

    We’ve been hearing a lot of common Objectives  :

    — Shorten Sales cycles

    — Increase Revenues

    — Land New Accounts fast

    — Schedule More Meetings and Demo’s with top decision makers

    time 1


    What’s the value of one hour of selling time

    From the Wolf of Wall Street to Boiler room to Glengarry Glen Ross and or the Pursuit of happiness  outbound marketing and Cold Calling has been getting a bad rap….

    Pity the cold call

    39% of marketers identified Outbound as the most effective B2B marketing method more than inbound 27% and Event marketing 17%
    and Social media 5%


    B2B inbound is the Cinderella story being talked about everywhere

    HubSpot, Marketo, infusion soft, Salesforce.com talk a great game on the power of inbound

    Just create some content , pay for some ads , get traffic –make money .

    Content marketing and pay per click drive traffic to your website by phone by subscriber, by opt in which generates incredible leads

    And we are to believe that the quality of the leads is all worth it.

    Even though you have to pay for the leads, pay the wages and the manpower for the people to gather the leads, to follow-up , present , demo , answer questions  staffing etc.

    Inbound is Not the Holy Grail Though ….

    B2B Inbound marketing is flooded with problems :

    1 ) 72% of inbound leads are from prospects who have 4 to 7 vendors shortlisted and their shopping around , comparing Prices

    2 ) Over 60% of inbound leads are not the decision-maker nor the champion or influencer it’s typically a guy named Seymour some dude who wants to see more prices and more quotes

    – You end up not having the decision-maker tree going into the company ( Referrals , name drops and nudges )

    it’s very competitive the buyers are too will educated on Google researching and doing du- diligence

    3)  There is a total lack of control– You can’t scale your business on Inbound , it’s not reliable , predictable –consistent

    You completely Lack control of your sales pipeline that you’re developing, you’re completely relying on passive inbound people calling you

    As opposed to a outbound researched, 3 referral equipped sniper target approach, decision maker Ph # , E-mail , 3 colleagues Social intelligence, Trigger events etc…

     In -Bound relies a lot on Hope…

    ….  Hoping that the right target market and the right size a company and the right decision maker with the right annual sales and the right pain and problems, has budget and wants to buy now –and calls you

    – that’s like hoping you go to the nightclub or bar  in your city and the most beautiful girl ever in a Tesla comes up to you and ask you to go away to the Hamptons with her


    By Not integrating Outbound into your company’s overall marketing mix you are leaving $ Millions on the table, and growing your Business 200% – 300% Slower….

    There’s 4 to 8 vertical markets that you’ve done business with and you’re doing great in, I would imagine right ?

    I’m sure you’ve got some referenced accounts, testimonials and some Marquis accounts that you could use to broadcast your success with other similar companies / people

    Getting a killer free list of similar researched accounts and calling all of them up with 2 or 3 case studiers is amazing …, with 2 PDF’s to explain and a Web Demo –you are ready to Rocket

    “  hey we just finished working with the company similar to yours they were sort of struggling with problem 1234 and we developed this tool to allow them to benefit 4567


    …. and “ I don’t know if there would be a good fit or a match, I’m not sure — BUT ….  I was wondering if you might be open to some new ideas or options in this area that could deliver this?


    We would love to show this to you..just to get your opinion to see what resonates with you …


    Have the outbound sales developer make 1500 attempted calls a month, get into 220 meaningful sales conversations with the right decision maker and book 30 to 50 meetings Discovery calls , demos or presentations for your account executives


    “ Pipeline Cures ALL Ills “

    And lastly engage in one call close executive web Briefings to gain commitment on the initial call –19%  to 35% of the time

    Shameless plug

    That’s what we do and have done for 20 years, with 400 companies in over 49 industry sectors, of which 214 have been technology based companies, 21% of the fastest-growing high-tech companies in Vancouver

    We help companies build and design their outbound sales development teams and deliver top-flight expert people, outbound Cold Calling 2.0 talk tracks / Scripts, Social Intelligence Research hacks , live cold calling training and coaching featuring Murray’s exclusive Live speakerphone training- customized sales playbook, live calls, MP3 files, video how to’s—and a complete Defined Sales Process for your business model..to Triple the Leads coming into your Business   Increase your Deal size and Sales Revenues in record time..

    Leading companies balance inbound and outbound

    They know that inbound just pays the rent, if you want to scale of business you can’t rely on inbound leads

    70 - 30

    30% of prospects are Looking for new Options



    70% are not Looking but ‘Open ‘to new ideas and options — This is where ALL the action is 

    With outbound you’re reaching out to a high likelihood and high incidence of similar companies having the same pains and problems as the other exact similar companies you’ve worked with ,

    You’re catching them un-aware and planting seeds of doubt into what they’re doing right now because we know of every problem and challenge they’re having and the consequences of it

    —  as a result you can build rapport and bond with people away faster when they know that you know what their deep psychic wound is

    Creating case studies and stories about problems you solved for other companies that were struggling and grappling with the same challenges

    • Reference accounts, Name Drops similar in their industry
    • Solving the same problems they’re having …
    • The Monster Benefits and Gains they’re getting


    Then create a vision of what life could be like, Sell the Dream and then take them to the Promised Land

    A good business developer can do this 9 to 17 times a day five days a week it’s explosive the amount of activity that this can generate and it’s everything that you can control

    Exact niche and vertical that has the problems and would have a huge advantage with the core message you deliver.

    – size of company

    – number of locations

    social influence referral tree of names , Ph # ‘s and Emails into the company

    “25% of B2B decision-makers are actively or passively looking to switch vendors, yet those that do switch to a competitive offering 70% say they were satisfied with their former provider, productbut switched anyway”

    How to get a 300% increase in sales performance productivity land 300% bigger sized accounts with a 300% bigger sales pipeline for your team to sell into

    The Specialist ‘Hunter’ sales model

     Companies report that 70% of the sales person’s time is made up of no selling activities, researching accounts before they call them, data entry spreadsheets busywork preparation CRM tasks


    Imagine how much more you could sell if you had all that time back ?


    Hire Dedicated Outbound Sales Developers who will be able to make 1,500 attempted calls per month , Complete 220 Meaningful Sales Conversations with Top Decision Makers you’d give your eye teeth to ‘Get In Front of “


    — Let them do all of the preparatory work , Research on the accounts , Get 3 Referrals , gather all the Social Intelligence, Get 4 Names , Internal credible Referral  and Nudges up stream

    Freeing up your Sales teams time to Have 300% more Discovery Calls

    — 300% more Executive Web Briefings

    — 300% more presentations


    Here are some Spring 2016 Live B2B Cold Calling 2.0 Calls to sample —


    Click audio to hear live call

    –Here we are testing the script for the biggest Reputation Management company in Canada

    Click audio to hear live call-

    Here is another Reputation Management call , booking a Demo in the ist 5 minutes 

    Click audio to hear live call-
    Here we are calling with a High End IT consulting company into the biggest Companies in Vancouver 

    Click audio to hear live call-
    Here we are testing a new script making live calls with a Mobile Inspection/ Mobile Field & facility software APP, in the Oil and Gas, Mining and Mfg sectors.

     Click audio to hear live call-
    Calling Gold Corp one of the biggest mining resource companies in Vancouver 

    Click audio to hear live call-
    Here is Larissa one of my students Killing it on a call 

    Click audio to hear live call-
    Here we are testing the Script with a Remote Monitoring by Satellite APP company 
    going after the Oil and gas – Environmental and Energy markets

    Click audio to hear live call-
    Here we are testing the script with a huge Photo-copier and Printer Business machines supplier, easy breezy stuff here


    End of Summer-Back to Business September 2015 Appointment Setting Tips

    Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

    Here we are at Saturday August 22 — September is fast creeping around the corner , days are getting shorter –However –I was paddle surfing  1 –  3 ft waves on Bowen Island yesterday , it was windy , rough really green water –amazing —

    Here is my latest September 2015 back to Business Appointment Setting PDF

    – 35 pages of Triple your Meetings and Double your Sales material

    September 2015 -2 Back to Business New Sales Development Playbook ..
    click to read or download PDF

    Get Your Outbound On for Back to Business Selling Season 2015 ….


    Click to hear audio
    Here we are calling the biggest publicists of top celebrities in the USA market

    Click to hear audio
    Testing the Outbound Script with Sustainability Coordinators of the biggest Universities in North America

    click to hear live audio

    click to hear live audio

    Here I’m testing the script with the Biggest Leasing and Financial Services company in Western Canada

      click to hear live audio
    Here I have horse- shoes up my butt generating a $30,000 ERP Software lead for Aquilon Software

    ” 80% of success in Sales is just showing up”

    Click to hear live audio

    Testing the script with a Design, Build and Outfit Corporate Office Furnishings Company

    click to hear live audio
    Here Murray Warren is making live calls for a huge Safety Products company in front of 9 sales people and the owner

    click to hear audio

    click to hear live audio
    Doing Outbound sales development testing for a GPS Fleet Tracking company .

     click to hear live audio
    Here is a great permission Based 120 approach opening statement…

    Just imagine a Dedicated Outbound Business Developer working for your company ..that can —

    –> Make 1,300 calls per month

    –> Engage in 220 – 250 end to end Productive Selling Conversations

    –> Book 25 – 50 Presentations, Meetings and Demos for your
    Sales team

    Taking the time consuming burden of “Getting in the Door off your Sales teams plate.

    Cold Approach E-mail Marketing is Back- How to get the Top Executive Officer to refer you to the right ..point of contact .. priceless!!

    Thursday, May 14th, 2015

    Specialized Sales Roles
    Divide the  Labor
    Tripling the Sales Pipeline

    =  Peace of Mind
    Consistent Revenue Stream

    –Contained here is a copy of the actual e-mail thread with the Biggest Charity in Canada, responding to my clients Cold Approach e-mail referring it to the Referral and CC’ing my client Wayne

    …Also the President and CEO of The United Way responded to my clients cold e-mail in less than 5 minutes

    Cold approach -it worked April 17 2015 click to read E-mail

    And here is the Live Cold Call Followup Booking a Meeting with the Referral — A summer breeze ..

    Click to listen to Live call

    — We have been testing out Aaron Ross’s– Predictable Revenue– Cold Approach E-mail Referral Marketing technique on all of our clients that go after the mid-tier and high tier markets in the US and Canada … and it’s working amazing !

    If you have to reach Out and Cold Call to find interest , needs and-set up Appointments and meetings with Top Decision Makers


    Wouldn’t it make sense that if called into a Pool of prospects that we’re Referred to you from the Top Executive Officer at the company….

    –> That you would be able to have more productive selling conversations and Book MORE meetings and  Appointments ?


    So now Imagine you have ;

    – 1 or 2 Outbound sales developers and they’re sending out 1,000 Cold Approach emails per month — 2,000 total per month

    — You’re achieving a 12% Referral rate to the right ‘point of Contact

    – That totals 240 Referrals per month by the Top Executive Officer to the right person and CCd you in on the email


    When you call into the Referrals you can generate a 35% conversion ratio easily — that’s 84 meetings per month .. that you didn’t have to cold call in the raw with … priceless..

    Now your Outbound sales Developer is calling into a Highly leveraged list , exploiting the Top CEO or Presidents name with referrals to Book the meeting .. it works like a champ

    Spring 2015 live B2B Cold Calls

    Sunday, April 12th, 2015

    Spring is in the air  ( even though it’s still freezing in Vancouver) Flowers are popping up all over , I’ve been paddle – surfing great waves in Tofino –what a fantastic time to sharpen your Skills with Prospecting for New Business & Cold Calling 2.0 techniques to build a bigger Sales Funnel to Sell into before the summer doldrums kicks in…

    click to hear audio

    Here we are calling  Oil and gas markets using the permission based
    problem centric approach

    click to hear audio

    Creating the Sales Playbook for a Fleet tracking GPS company

    click to hear audio

    Making some live test calls with a Reputation Management Company

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Using a solid Problem centric approach opening, getting push back…almost fell off then –poof, booked DEMO — with huge Charities and Non-profits

    click to hear audio

    This is the ‘Geico’ Competitive call with a SAAS cloud based app company
    involved with time and attendance and Payroll
    — Listen for the pinnacle ‘turn-around moment from No to  … OK.

    Permission Based Opening- Cold Calling 2.0 strategies

    Monday, March 16th, 2015

    Permission Based Opening # 2

    Hi my name is _________, I’m calling some Architects in the area to find out if they are a good fit for our unique Design, Build, Construction, Furnishings services and products

    # 2
    Hi my name is ________, I’m calling some manufactures and Distribution companies in the area to find out if they are a good fit for a beta program were running for Sage ERP users ….

    What we do in a sentence is — _____________________________

    Does that in general sound interesting to you ?

    Awesome …

    What we do is work with your exact peer group and help them with challenges and problems such as ________ and solve them with our proven formula / solution / process / products / platform ….

    The benefits we deliver are ;

    Our track record is _________________.

    I wanted to get a better sense of your situation over there ..

    1)    Question # 1

    2)     Question # 2

    3)    Question # 3

    Test Close

    When would you in the future be looking at doing something like this?

    In addition to yourself… who else helps you make decisions in this
    area ?

    Next Steps

    Great sounds like there could be a good fit or a match here , We’d love to introduce ourselves and capabilities to you , let me send over an electronic brochure of our portfolio, some references and 2 quick videos , and schedule a time next week to discuss all your questions

    What time next week would be good for you ? …

    3 Hot Tips to Increase your Appointments Booked and Closing Ratio in 2015 !!

    Saturday, January 10th, 2015

    The Initial “ Discovery Worksheet”

    2) Cold Approach E-mail Referral Harvesting

    3) Trigger Event / Change of people in the Organization

    The Initial “ Discovery Worksheet”

    -So many times we are prepared for the demo and WEB briefing with our new prospect – We are all excited and jazzed about having the demo with the Ultimate Decision maker . You’ve been trying for weeks to get through to this guy , you finally did and he agreed to meet you on line .and view your fantastic web  demo that you’ve slaved over to create

    • And the prospect doesn’t show up or is not prepared

    You ask your well crafted Discovery and Needs Analysis questions – They respond with “ I don’t know “ ,“let me check on that “

    — Booking a demo a great

    What’s better is –

    • Having the prospect show up for the demo

    • Having the prospect be prepared

    After having built out and managed over 180 technology / high tech Specialized Outbound Lead Generation divisions , training and coaching over 2,500 sales people along the way, I’ve witnessed the ‘Best Practices ‘ of dozens and dozens of ‘Go to market experts and authorities . And ..like a good consultant… I’ve begged , borrowed or stolen almost all of their best strategies

    • And this is HUGE

    So here’s the Big Idea with this —  5 minutes after your Outbound new business developer books a demo / web briefing , they send over an Advanced meeting agenda . In that AMA you should include an “ Initial Discovery Worksheet”

    • You should say “ Hey thanks the opportunity to show you this new breakthrough leading app to your company . What we don’t want to do is regurgitate some canned pitch over you . we want to customize the web briefing for your exact circumstances and wanted to understand what’s really important to you regarding ___________ and what you really value about _________ ? “

    ….And where you’d like to see improvement, what you’re grappling and struggling with

    • Start them off with 5 questions about their Pain and problems they’re having that YOUR solution can solve no problem ..

    • Now they send back to you what they are interested
      in , what motivates them to ‘change’ . The prospect will get a selling piece ‘Executive Overview ‘ of the pains and problems we are going to solve , the consequences of these problems if they do nothing

    You will be able to customize the demo for their needs , and you can drive a conversation on your ability to reduce losses, save time and improve results .

    • 2) Cold Approach E-mail Referral Marketing –

    Using the “Aaron Ross ‘ Predictable Revenue’ approach with your existing Cold Calling 2.0 process , works like a champ— and  can get you an additional 20 – 35 meetings Booked per month , all on auto –pilot , with No Cold Calling

    What you do you is this :

    • a)    Use Super –Power Tools like

    — Data.com
    — Linked-In
    — Inside View
    — Sales Loft
    — Or Cadence

    Each day all of your New Business Developers or quota carrying sales people would gather 24 direct Email addresses per day form these sources — 500 per month , per each rep.

    • b)    You need to locate the top level decision maker in the organization your want to pursue : CEO , President COO , CTO , General Manager

    • c) Send them a Twitter sized non-selling Referral E-mail to get the Point of contact who’s in charge of ____________________

    d)    For every 500 Referral E-mail asking “ Who would be the best point of contact that handles _____________________ .

    You would be able to get a 9% – 12% Referral Ratio – This a a direct referral form the Top Officer in the company–500 e-mails sent @ is 60 direct referrals given to you

    Say stuff like –

    “ Dear _______

    I was doing some research on your web site and your industry and boy you guys have really accomplished something , that is awesome.. , I love your technology . It’s really making a big impression in your peer group , that I’m talking with

    My Name is ________ . My company is _______. We work with organizations like yours to ____________ .

    Could you direct me to the right person to talk about ________. So we can explore if these benefits are something you guys would like also ?

    Option 2 –

    Hey _________, hope I’m not bothering you, I just had a a conversation with __________, and they said you are the resident expert and authority in _subject area __

    I wanted to reach out because our company has a new SAAS App Platform that’s getting a lot of interest and activity from your peer group

    We help __________ ( companies exactly like you ) to _________ and we do this by

    • Benefit
    • Benefit 2
    • Benefit 3

    Let’s explore how our platform can ________________.

    Would you be flexible for a quick 10 minute executive web briefing this week or next ?

    Option 3

    Subject Line – “ Appropriate Person “

    Hi There ;

    I’m writing in hopes of finding the appropriate person who handles ____________ . I also wrote to person X , person Y and person Z in that pursuit , if it makes sense to talk let me know how your calendar looks


    Why you and your sales team should do this ;

    A)    You can get 60 Direct Referrals per month to the exact point of contact from the Top Executive in the organization referring you

    — That’s golden

    B)  You can now call and Email all 60 of these Referrals back and Books Meet8ngs and Demos with them and they will be 80% more responsive since you got a Referral from their BOSS !!

    C) Out of the 60 Referrals and / Points of Contact –You can now e-mail and make an Intelligent, Warm Outbound Call to them and Book a Meeting or Web based demo with them easily.

    — Typically you’ll be able to Book a 30% to 35% conversion rate on the Outbound Call to Booking a demo with the Referral

    — That’s 18 – 27 Booked Meetings per month

    3) Trigger Event / Change of people in the Organization

    • Triggering Events , Initiatives and Objectives in
      2015 , trigger better Conversations and Conversions .

    • One if the KEYS to Outbound is calling a new customer at the right time that there’s an Opportunity , makes sense right ?

    • You have to call them at the window of dissatisfaction and they are searching for alternatives

    • “ 80% of B2B Purchases are UN-planned and Un-Budgeted”

    Change of people in the organization , into new jobs , new positions is a critical’ trigger Event “

    ” 80%
    of people taking on a new role spend
    $ 1,000,000.00 on new initiatives within 90 days”

    When you have  list of decision makers that have just changed their  jobs , you can now warm up your cold calls, leverage the knowledge of trigger events going on in their world

    New role
    — Fiscal year end
    — Venture capital
    — Management changes
    — Initiatives for the new year
    — Mergers and Acquisitions
    — New Technology

    “Intelligent Outbound Warm Calling & Permission Based, Social Approach tips”

    Sunday, January 19th, 2014

    “ How to turn Cold Calls into Warm conversations with trigger events, Social connections,Social triggers and gain an ‘internal credible referral’ to get 300% more meetings booked with any company you desire

    1) Groups, Groups & Groups Join 50 LinkedIn groups. What you should do is join five LinkedIn groups and then join another 45 LinkedIn groups where your customers are hanging out and where they are getting information from , where they’re getting their resources from and insights from

    — Offer information that’s meaningful and helpful to your group share information, be a thought leader and he cites the insights to your group, strive to be seen as the subject matter expert in your space

    Join groups to start conversations.

    Moderate a group start a thread

    Do Linked-In– in mail you can in mail 50 people a day on LinkedIn and when you’re in the same group as these people you can get about 80% conversion rate from a conversation or a spammed email to booked meeting

    Point to note -you should try to join groups of 5000 members or less anything like 40,000 or 100,000 members is too many you can’t stand out it’s very difficult

    2) Be Daring, Be different, Be First .

    As Oren Klaff says from http://www.pitchmastery.com The most horrible type of the prospecting call is one that the prospect can predict the end of the call at the beginning.

    This is the problem with most cold calls the prospect can predict the end of the call in the very beginning.— Such as you’re going to say you’re solution or system is the best and you’re the greatest and you’re the leading provider asked for a meeting, that’s predictable… then your prospect is going to retreat or be BORED and reject you ..

    As Oren Klaff  says what really works is


    Holy noodle ..I can’t believe I caught you in the office … I’m on your web site looking at your picture right now .. Wow with an awesome picture like that I thought you’d be out with your agent signing autographs

    Intrigue – Yea … hey ..I was on your website doing some research on _________ , gathering some data in this are..and I was told to give your VP of I.T. a call..I don’t really know what’s its about …something to do with Cloud , IT or Mobile, Servers stuff –some issues you guys are having .

    Pattern interrupts

    Is your Internet down over there ?  ..Oh it’ seems OK ,..VOIP phones — geee..did you ever have a day when everything went perfect — you know .. . ? —-  I need one of those..

    .. Hey its Murray here with ________ I know your probably really swamped right now ..if we could deliver a solution that could ___________, would I be able to have a 3 minute conversation with you on the calendar this week ?


    Oh.. John hasn’t worked here  since 2010 — holy noodle ..he still owes me $50 for Lunch …–Hmm…I think he said the company would pay for it.. If you look out the window Im in the white car … yea that’s me — just kidding ..


    Hey, who has a focus and attention on subject area.

    Social relevance

    Social name drops and referrals

    Hey it’s Murray here, I just got off the phone with ( Referral) and we were talking about some of your 2014 objectives & initiatives you have on your plate and a few obstacles in the way( things that effect him )

    And I believe you are the resident expert and authority on ( subject area )

    If you have 3 minutes I like to listen to understand more and we just might have some new , innovative ideas and options that can ( price-less answer looking for )

    Mention of second-degree LinkedIn connections

    Mention of LinkedIn groups this

    3) http://www.jobchangealerts.com subscribe to this free service – Every day you get an email sent to you with all the people in your Linked-In network that have changed their careers and Jobs

    Hey John Its Murray here,  congratulations on your new career over at ________, that’s awesome !! Just read on Linked –in that you are running the helm of the ship over at _______, you’re in my network on Linked-in….  …

    4) Aaron Ross who wrote – http://www.predictablerevenue.com The best-selling new book on predictable revenue in 2014

    He believes like we all believe that you should not be cold calling today in this 2014 I would personally say this from an expert who has Built out over 389 Inside sales and Tele-Sales departments in over 43 industries .

    In this day and age with all the social media with http://www.data.com , http://www.linkedin.com,http://www.salesloft.com,,  and all the other sources you can get the personal names and direct phone number and direct email from all of these list sources so you don’t have to cold call in the raw anymore

    A cold call is calling someone you don’t know and is expecting your call people hate being surprised, they hate it, you hate doing it and it sure doesn’t work as good as permission-based Warm calling and intelligent outbound prospecting

    You’re just a ‘Cowboy or plain Dumb not to use these tools today ..

    Aaron’s simple approach came from working at sales force.com in 2003 and he had to cold call and he hated it so what are you did was he came up with this idea that went like this

    5)   He would research in LinkedIn and jigsaw the top top decision-maker in the ‘Target’ company . Then he would send a spam email to the top decision-maker in the company,  the top CEO or president of the company

    No more than 130 characters 3 paragraphs, No Selling in it all.

    He would say stuff like this…

    Hey I’m just trying to see if there’s a fit or a match I don’t want to waste your time I was looking for your help I’m wondering who has the focus or attention on your industry/ subject, maybe you could steer me in that direction ?


    “ Hey I’m looking for help I’m not sure you know who I should talk to I I don’t know who is in charge of this could you possibly point me in the right direction of the person who’s in charge of________________?

    “ Hey I’m in a looking for help but I’m not sure where to begin… I think I’ve got something really interesting but I don’t know -not certain … Wondering if could you point me in the right direction with the person who had a focus our attention on_____________”

    He would have his business developers in salesforce.com send out 30 of these a day, 150 of these a week,and about 600 per month.

    Out of the 600 spammed emails to the top decision-maker in the company he would get an internal credible referral 54 to 110 times


    So think about that – 54 – 110 Out of 600 Top level decision makers would respond to a Spammed E-mail asking for help to get pointed in the right direction …

    –Isn’t that Incredible

    Aaron and the Salesforce.com team it till this day today in 2014 uses the exact same process and is a $ 3 billion-dollar company

    – $ 24 Million in re-curing revenue a month

    For more free tips or if you want to talk about How to Build a $ Mufti-Million producing Inside Sales  and Out-Bound Prospecting department at your company


    Call me on my cell # anytime 604-307-2431
    Regards –Murray Warren