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    Summers Over 2016 , Time to Scale Up your Outbound Hustle ….

    Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

    As Summer 2016 comes to a close …All B2B Marketers are scrambling to Triple their Sales Pipeline to sell into for Q-4 !!

    summers over 10
















    Here’s a great Swipe-file of the best Converting Opening statements & Transition and Bridge statements … which are the sleight of hand of Outbound Tele-prospecting , refocus attention ..somewhere else


    Here is the best “send me info” line ever

    No problem what’s your email?


    Great, before I go let me ask you a question to help me tailor the information to your specific needs and circumstances …

    How do you currently blah blah blah ?


    In addition to yourself who else hope to make the decisions in this area

    Great thanks


    Leveraging the referral and the competition in your opening statement


    Hey I was speaking with __name drop__________, over at, regarding common problem challenge or key business issue, and he mentioned I should give you a call to get your feedback and opinion

    We recently helped __________, Company 2 and Company 3 to avoid major huge problem disaster, while at the same time get–  monster huge benefits

     And wanted to see if this might be something you’d possibly be interested in also ?

    And wanted to see if this might be something you would possibly be interested in knowing a little more about as well ?


    Can you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there’s some synergy or common ground , I promise I’ll earn the rest ..?


    Some great cold email approach subject lines


    Your article in ________


    Your post on _______


    Your video about


    It’s time to crank up your Outbound Hustle , and you can’t expect your sales team to prospect and cold call 300% more and load up the ‘Top of the Sales Funnel ‘


    Create a “Specialist” Sales model where – Prospectors and Junior Inside Sales reps reach out and do all the research , prospecting and meaningful sales conversations & Book meetings and appointments for the sales team .


    And then hand-off ‘Open” leads, Discovery Calls , Snap-shot Web Demos and Meetings to the the sales team.

    sales specialization 1


    In 2007  it took an average of 3.68 call attempts to reach a prospect


    ...Today in 2016 it takes 9 attempts


    — It’s 300% harder to reach top level Decision Makers for a productive selling conversation


    Average sales person makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect then gives up


    Average sales person makes 8 dials per hour and prospects for 6.25 hours to set one appointment


    Average sales person spends 93 hours to 120 hours a month on the phone trying to get through to set up 12  appointments a month


    50% of all sales go to the first sales person to contact and have a meaningful sales conversation with the prospect


    70% of all purchasers that switched to the new supplier said that 100% of them were initially satisfied and happy with their solution when they were approached ..before they switched


    — So the questions begs,  is the Bottom 70% of the market that’s not Looking or not interested worth going after ?
    –> I think so ….

    So just imagine for a moment …. Your sales people over at your company , imagine they didn’t have to waste 80% of their selling time to do all of these selling steps …


    Imagine…. you had an In-house Outbound Sales Development team / person , They did all the research, reaching out and made 1,500 calls per month, sent out 400 cold approach referral emails , got 36 – 65 referrals, got into 220 meaningful sales conversations per month with the right decision makers and Booked 25 – 50 appointments and meetings for the sales team

    specialize 2

    email 2 july 8












    Here’s a great opening statement formula

    We created a unique approach to ____________, that will –
    ( eliminate pain challenge and hurt )– and the purpose of my call today is to see if there might be some synergy or common ground on what you’re looking for in the area of _______ and what we’ve created for your peer group..


    Can you give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there might be some common ground or synergy .. I promise I’ll earn the rest ?


    Okay here are some Fall 2016 Back to Business Live B2B Appointment Setting Cold Calls to get you jump started for Q-4 2016 … cheers !!

    click to hear audio –-Here we are calling Printing and Duplication companies all over the USA

    Click to hear audio – GPS Fleet tracking and Management App – calling Fleets across Canada


    Click to hear audio – Calling into printing and Duplication companies USA market


    Click to hear audio – Calling into the mobile , remote Ordering , Inspection App Market with Utilities all over the USA


    Click to hear audio – Testing the script with a huge Freight Forwarding , Cross Border shipping company


    Click to hear audio – Testing the outbound talk talk with a huge SAGE Partner with an E-Commerce App


    Good Bye Summer of 2016 , I’ll miss the warm days of paddle surfing 2- 4 ft shore break on Bowen Island.

    summers over 8

    Cold Approach E-mail Marketing is Back- How to get the Top Executive Officer to refer you to the right ..point of contact .. priceless!!

    Thursday, May 14th, 2015

    Specialized Sales Roles
    Divide the  Labor
    Tripling the Sales Pipeline

    =  Peace of Mind
    Consistent Revenue Stream

    –Contained here is a copy of the actual e-mail thread with the Biggest Charity in Canada, responding to my clients Cold Approach e-mail referring it to the Referral and CC’ing my client Wayne

    …Also the President and CEO of The United Way responded to my clients cold e-mail in less than 5 minutes

    Cold approach -it worked April 17 2015 click to read E-mail

    And here is the Live Cold Call Followup Booking a Meeting with the Referral — A summer breeze ..

    Click to listen to Live call

    — We have been testing out Aaron Ross’s– Predictable Revenue– Cold Approach E-mail Referral Marketing technique on all of our clients that go after the mid-tier and high tier markets in the US and Canada … and it’s working amazing !

    If you have to reach Out and Cold Call to find interest , needs and-set up Appointments and meetings with Top Decision Makers


    Wouldn’t it make sense that if called into a Pool of prospects that we’re Referred to you from the Top Executive Officer at the company….

    –> That you would be able to have more productive selling conversations and Book MORE meetings and  Appointments ?


    So now Imagine you have ;

    – 1 or 2 Outbound sales developers and they’re sending out 1,000 Cold Approach emails per month — 2,000 total per month

    — You’re achieving a 12% Referral rate to the right ‘point of Contact

    – That totals 240 Referrals per month by the Top Executive Officer to the right person and CCd you in on the email


    When you call into the Referrals you can generate a 35% conversion ratio easily — that’s 84 meetings per month .. that you didn’t have to cold call in the raw with … priceless..

    Now your Outbound sales Developer is calling into a Highly leveraged list , exploiting the Top CEO or Presidents name with referrals to Book the meeting .. it works like a champ

    Top 10 best Cold Calling 2.0 Opening Phrases to Command Attention with prospects over the phone…

    Sunday, April 12th, 2015

    Cold calling 2.0 opening phrases

    My company is ___________we work with __niche/ vertical___– and we just recently helped them to __monster benefit______
    — remove problem 1
    — remove problem 2

    And ultimately gain benefit 3 _____________

    And hey I’m not certain of your situation, but if you’re open to some new ideas or options that would _______________

    Would you be flexible for a brisk, informative  10 minute  online Executive Web briefing on the latest breakthrough solutions in ________?

    Right after your opening statement, say this

    Oren Klaff style

    And Mr. Jones… That’s why were in just crazy demand right now and at this point in time I’m really not certain about your exact needs or if there’s a fit or a match for our solution. What I would like to do is ask if you a few quick questions and get a feel of your company and see if there might be a way for you your company to

    — benefit 1

    — and benefit 2

    Right after your opening statement, say this

    ….And John believe me I know a company of your size and Caliber can get this stuff you anywhere and you get a lot of calls like this , and most likely you’re satisfied with what you’re using


    … But we really do things differently with added value benefits of _______ and ________ and ________ .

    And hey I’m not certain if our solution would be a good fit for your company or would apply to your situation, I wanted to ask you 3 quick questions to determine if we might be able to
    — benefit 1
    — benefit 2
    — benefit 3
    For You guys over there
    Right after your opening statement say this

    Get the prospect to tell you why they would good to work with …
    … And by the way at this point this is why we’re getting so much attention activity and business right now from your peer group.  Since I’ve taken some time to show you our big idea I’m wondering if you could give me a few minutes and explain why you guys would be a good company to work with?

    Hey it’s ___________  calling I just got off the phone with Jack ( their colleague)  and he said you were the resident expert in authority in the area of_______?

    I was just hoping to get 40 seconds of your time to explain why I’m calling…
    How much focus or attention do you have on __________?
    If our solution can;

    Great 40 second Intro Opening statement

    — remove problem 1
    — get rid of pain in the butt 2
    — give your company benefits of 3 and 4

    Would I be getting any of your attention whatsoever?

    Does this in general… Interest you at all?

    Would you want more information on this?

    Oh great… Assuming we solve problems and challenges with :
    – problem 1
    – issue 2
    – concern 3

    And deliver the benefits of :
    — benefit 1
    — benefit 2

    Would you be paying any attention to me what-so-ever?

    Awesome… Can you give me another 120 seconds of your time on the phone right now to see if there’s some synergy or common ground?

    ( See how this works so well , 2 steps of customer permission , The customer feels they are in CONTROL of the selling situation , they don’t feel that that they are being manipulated )

    The Richard Dreyfuss Permission 60 second opening

    Hey—— it’s __________ calling I was just on your website researching your company and noticed an awesome press release about some 2015 / 2016 initiatives and objectives that you guys are doing — such as _________ & _________ ..

    …. In the last 12 months we’ve helped over 9 companies accomplish those exact initiatives and goals —  and if you’re open I have some new ideas and options that could help your company accomplish these things easier, 40% – 80% faster and for way less money  ….

    I’m wondering if you’re not too busy if you could give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or common ground ?

    If you could just give me 120 seconds on the phone here, I promise I’ll
    earn the rest
    ( isn’t that a beautiful line .. )

    “ We’re fine with what we have”

    That’s not a problem at all, probably 90% of all of our clients in the last 20 years when we approached them initially said the exact same thing…

    We don’t mind being second at all….

    This is just an exploratory call and quite honestly I don’t know if there could be a good fit or a good match at this point– It’s not a sales call , I never get it right the first time — I just wanted to ask you 3 quick questions to determine if there could be a fit

    Fantastic Gatekeeper Dracula turn around

    “ Why are you calling, what’s the purpose of your call?”

    To be honest I don’t have all the details, I was told to catch up with your IT expert Chuck, something to do with challenges with problem 1 &  problem 2 …

    I was just calling to see what the problem is…  if any and see what we can do to help, hey could you put me through to Charles thanks

    Great 60 second opening leveraging internal credible referrals gathered ;

    Oh hi I was just speaking with – Jackie on how we’ve helped, ABC Co & DEF Co, reduce, avoid, increase, and he mentioned that I should give you a call to get your feedback and opinion on this

    ….. Hi Mr. Jones it’s ________ with, we recently helped ABC Co. and DEF Co avoid huge monster problem, while at the same time get desired benefit /  results 300% faster, and wanted to see if this might be something you would possibly be interested in knowing a little bit more about as well ?

    I’m wondering if you’re not too busy if you could give me another 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be some synergy or common ground ?

    Fabulous 30 Second introductory style

    Hi Mr. Jones, could I share with you a solution involved with automated safety management,  Data collections and Field reporting –A new idea and option that’s used by over 300 other manufactures like yours and oil and gas companies
    that can —
    — benefit 1
    — benefit 2


    Great instant brush off objection handler

    Hey no problem at all, I’m not sure if there’s a need or fit either at this point…

    I was just wondering though—-  if we could definitely show you a solution … Which is used by over 300 oil and gas and manufactures similar yours… that can
    benefit 1
    — benefit 2
    — benefit 3

    Would you be willing to just give me 120 seconds on the phone here to see if there could be a good fit or some common ground?


    Not a problem at all, I didn’t expect you to be interested since you don’t know enough about this yet… you haven’t even heard any of the killer benefits yet

    What if just supposing we could really show you how you could –_____________

    Would that get your attention what-so-ever ?


    Permission Based Opening- Cold Calling 2.0 strategies

    Monday, March 16th, 2015

    Permission Based Opening # 2

    Hi my name is _________, I’m calling some Architects in the area to find out if they are a good fit for our unique Design, Build, Construction, Furnishings services and products

    # 2
    Hi my name is ________, I’m calling some manufactures and Distribution companies in the area to find out if they are a good fit for a beta program were running for Sage ERP users ….

    What we do in a sentence is — _____________________________

    Does that in general sound interesting to you ?

    Awesome …

    What we do is work with your exact peer group and help them with challenges and problems such as ________ and solve them with our proven formula / solution / process / products / platform ….

    The benefits we deliver are ;

    Our track record is _________________.

    I wanted to get a better sense of your situation over there ..

    1)    Question # 1

    2)     Question # 2

    3)    Question # 3

    Test Close

    When would you in the future be looking at doing something like this?

    In addition to yourself… who else helps you make decisions in this
    area ?

    Next Steps

    Great sounds like there could be a good fit or a match here , We’d love to introduce ourselves and capabilities to you , let me send over an electronic brochure of our portfolio, some references and 2 quick videos , and schedule a time next week to discuss all your questions

    What time next week would be good for you ? …

    Cold Calling $ Billion dollar Fast Food franchises selling Mobile Ordering- Remote Ordering Apps.

    Monday, November 25th, 2013

    Click to hear Audio
    So here we have Murray Warren from Bowen Island — working with Avanti Mobile Commerce which has developed a great Mobile App. / Remote Ordering platform for QSR’s -Quick Serve Restaurants – Getting the right name, getting nudged in the right direction .. this is what its all about.

    We call it getting an Internal Credible Referral” , a nudge up stream to the right person., of which you can leverage their name.

    Click to hear Audio
    — Another fabulous nudge up stream , that tuned into a Web Demo with a high Value client

    How to Handle Voice Mail – The controversial ‘Mystery’ approach revised .

    Sunday, September 15th, 2013

    Here’s how to -Handle Voice Mail –

    In 15 hours of calling let me share with you some ‘best practices’
    You need to get your calling to a level of

    — 17 – 19 attempted calls / conversations per hour dialed
    — In a 5 hour day you should be doing 85 attempted calls per day– This is why you need a BIG LIST

    — over 15 hours of calling –you would be doing about 255 attempted calls / conversations

    –> 90% of calls to get a hold of the target will be –Voice Mail

    1) You need to have a big pre-researched List on EXCEL to call into
    when you have a big list , you don’t care what happens on any call since
    you have a big bag of candy ….

    2) You need to be prepared with your Pitch — I highly recommend that you do
    your pitch into any type of a recorder or digital recorder so you can hear the
    pitch and flow .. Hearing how you sound is awesome.. you get to hear how
    good or bad and then can correct your-self.

    Here is a great voice mail

    It’s Jeffrey here…. a ..yeah I was on your website researching and collecting some data
    on what you guys do … and it looks like you’re the resident expert and authority in___________I have a quick question that I think you’re the only one who can answer..( you know being the western regional Sales manager and all.) .. or steer me in the right direction( tip –quote the guys title in the voice mail– Western regional sales it sounds more relevant and important . ) Hey — if you could give a quick call I’d be grateful

    My direct # is 6096__

    Make it a great day

    Option 2

    It’s Jeffrey here…. a ..yeah I was on your website researching and collecting some data on what you guys do … I believe you’re resident expert in ________ AREA and I was bouncing around your colleagues __name________ and __name_______ and I have a quick question that …. well only you can answer ..

    Hey — if you could give a quick call I’d be grateful

    My direct # is 6096__

    Make it a great day

    Selling SEO & Web Design services to a Lawyer Cold-Call

    Saturday, July 20th, 2013

    Click to hear Live Cold Call w/ Lawyer

    Here Murray Warren is showing a Great example of just being your-self and relaxed and having FUN and teasing your prospects — This is a fun but very competitive call with a sharp lawyer– It’s all about hanging in there … and engaging them more in conversation to overcome their fears and doubts.

    Click to hear Live brutally competitive cold call to booked Meeting

    Here I go from “ Shot down in 9 seconds , to talking for 3 minutes and then..Booking a 45 minute Meeting and Closing a $ 14,000 per year deal monthly SEO & List Building package


    Preparation, Anticipation -Killer Counter Punch –Secrets to superb Cold Calling

    Friday, May 3rd, 2013

    Click to hear audio
    This is like my 4th demo booked selling GPS tracking systems –in about 1.5 hours .. so I’m a bit cocky on this VERY, COMPETITIVE call- What you should notice is how prepared I am and Expecting the Push-back and … ready for it.

     So all you have to do to be a ‘Ninja’ Master at blocking and counter punching Objections is to;

    — Be Prepared , know what the main 3 push-backs , stalls , fears , doubts or concerns are –Up Front –know that will get 1 or all 4 of those on every call
    — What are you going to do about it ?

    — What can you say to shift or change the prospects perception about your product or services ?

    Click to hear audio
    Here is another fun competitive rally

    # 1 KEY to Overcoming & Diffusing every B2B Objection that comes up.

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    Murray Warren from Bowen Island writes –Having built, designed and managed over 392 pro-active Outbound Telesales / Lead Generation , New Business Development departments in over 47 different industries , of which over182 have been technology based, spanning 17 years– — I have run into every objection on the Planet Earth

    I’m all about diffusing the pressure and building trust with prospects over the phone

    Every company I have consulted with has a D. R. A. B a dominant reason to avoid buying — You have to know WHY they are objecting to your core business offering ?

    What are your companies 3 objections and/or stalls you get all the time ?

    1) ____________________________________

    2) ____________________________________

    3) ____________________________________

    For example , let’s say they “are happy with what they are presently using ”

    — What is their perception of being happy ?

    This is the ‘Permission based B2B Telesales
    Appointment Setting Formula
    I use and train and coach my clients

    1) AGREE with them

    — You’re absolutely right

    — That’s not a problem at all

    –That’s totally cool that you don’t want to explore what we do

    2) VALIDATE What they just said

    — So as I understand it –you have a great solution / system in place and you don’t see any reason to explore or learn what’s ahead of the curve in _________ ?

    Is that right ?

    –Would that be an accurate snapshot ?

    — That makes total sense, I mean why would you without any concrete numbers to compare or review I totally understand you responding that way -if there is no reason to switch or change?


    — Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match ay all –I don’t want to claim we have some miracle cure

    ( I would need my day in court to prove that )

    Sidebar — Just by Validating their objection and diffusing the pressure here makes you 95% different than all of the other jockeys that have been there before –Purchasers have heard it all before –You have to be authentic and genuine –this makes them feel that you CARE

    4) GROUP Them together with all of the other people in their / TRIBE--PEER GROUP that initially felt the same way.

    Sidebar — This is where your ‘Natural Vibing and Customer Story-Telling really comes in

    Just like the best actors Sean Penn, Pacino, Deniro , Jolie they have read their script 400X and have it down –They have their script so natural and smooth

    Sorry , for the rant –I’m just passionate .Anyways , you need to develop your rebuttal/ comeback stories

    Find stories to tell like this A customer like you who was very skeptical and indifferent about getting
    involved ..and had the same initial fears , doubts and concerns as you do , took a leap of faith and now are raking it in ..

    Say this — ” Honestly I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions at this stage that there would even be a good fit or a match at all

    I’m talking with and doing research every day with your PEER GROUP on SUBJECT and almost 95% of the people we talk with initially feel the same way as you, they have a system or a solution that they’re happy with and don’t see a reason to change.

    Most of the PEER GROUP on SUBJECT think it makes good business sense to always be OPEN to NEW IDEAS and OPTIONS and always be on the lookout and keep their ear to the ground for new methods and processes to improve performance and productivity. output / profits — I’m sure that’s the same for you …
    ( say what-ever critical business issue they want to solve here )

    5) Entice and SEDUCE with BENEFITS

    What we’ve been told by other companies that have this / do it this way / doing this process —- that they grapple and struggle with problems such as:

    –> problem #1

    –> problem #2

    With many of these companies and VP’s C-suite decision makers they kind felt unified , in the same way / perspective and viewpoint on things —

    That it makes good business sense , to keep your ‘ear to the ground’ and always be on the lookout and ahead of the curve for new Ideas or Options that can ( improve , add value , increase , speed up , streamline etc… their business flow , sales process , what-ever they are doing to do things faster , better , cheaper and/ or easier )

    I’m sure that’s the same for you …. ( you have to say this )

    I was just wondering if you might be OPEN to some new IDEAS or OPTIONS around getting rid of PROBLEMS 1 & 2 and gaining BENEFIT 3 &

    Wrap it UP…

    We’ve prepared a 15 minute Executive web Briefing the that will outline an Overview of our Value proposition

    — The Investment, ROI and Payback – Exactly how long it takes to get your investment back –then pure profit – At this meeting you will get the exact methods and strategies we have used to make billions for our clients for free –

    If nothing else we will give you a condensed knowledge of the hottest , most amazing new break-through solutions on how to _________ ( biggest benefit they are looking for) for free the 4 simple secrets How you can ___-____ better, fasten , easier, cheaper –than you can imagine ( some kind of great ethical BRIBE )

    Then say “ Seriously, you will have Multiple Holy crap I had no idea that was possible moments”

    check out my blog for tons of FREE tips, strategies and techniques for amazing B2B Teles-Sales and Appointment Setting Information get in the door with any company you desire , remove the Pain and Awkwardness and learn the Permission Based approach


    # 1 Key to ‘Crack the code’ to get Meetings with anybody

    Saturday, April 27th, 2013

    # 1 key to getting appointments with any
    Decision Maker

    Murray Warren from Increased-Revenues.com writes –You have to be able to communicate value that they are going to get at the meeting –NOT the value so much of when they buy , or the ownership experience

    The prospect has to feel that if they grant you the meeting, that they are going to get more VALUE at this meeting–even if they don’t buy a thingThis is the # 1 KEY to the vault of meetings booked

    It’s the perceived VALUE at the meeting – It’s almost like they are going to get all of this great information and value for FREE at the meeting that will solve all of their problems , critical business issues and it won’t cost them a thing

    A Telesales candidate that I’ve been training started with this magic phrase that on Friday Feb 13 2013 got him 5 meetings booked

    Oh yeah , by the way over the last 6 months he has been running a 73% show up ratio, they are all Fortune 500 companies and top decision makers like CTO’s and CIO’s — 73 % of the prospects show up for the web based demo

    This is how he did it ;

    Anthony wove into his credibility / benefits statement , specific results achieved . NOT general but specific resultsGET SPECIFIC find specific results to share . Then he transitioned into asking for the meeting with this line …

    I‘d like to introduce myself and share `some specific strategies & methods used to accomplish these results … if you think of us in the future , down the line that would be great … would you have some time in the next week or two ?

    Figure out how you can create the perception of intense value “At the meeting’ and you can increase your meetings booked effortlessly by 200% – 400%