Here's what some of our customers say about our New Client Attraction work:

We have just received our first round of financing to create our financial analysis product called "Resolve". We wanted to pre-sell and gain expressions of interest of the product. Murray hired a business developer and in less than 3 month we had 65 web based demos and over 65% said they would buy our product. Murray has helped us establish who our market is, what they need, and pre-sell our product before it comes out.

- Anthony Carroll, President

- Litehaus Technologies Inc

We market and sell web site design & content management solutions to non-profit groups associations. Typically most of our business comes from word- of mouth. We wanted to increase our sales in 2006. It's been just 2 months now in working with Murray Warren and he has developed all of our pro-active marketing strategies. We are now generating 5 - 8 demos with new clients per week and closing $15,000 - $30,000 worth of new business per month. Our sales momentum has increased dramatically over the last 3 months.

- Molly McDonald, Vice President

- EXWARE Solutions

I have worked with Murray Warrens New Customer Attraction Company 3 X now . Previously with my other companies CAC Computers and DTM Systems. He was the central architect in setting up my new company. He hired and trained 4 expert telesales people, created all of the appointment setting scripts, all of the objection handlers and provided ongoing coaching and training. With his help we are on track to achieve our goal of $80,000 per month in sales revenues.

- Bill ODrowski, President


We have 2 vertical markets of niche oriented software products. One niche is the Goff Tournament Market, the other is custom MFGs. With our 2 software solutions we needed to get more sales and traction in this area. We heard about The killer success from one of my other YEO (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) Members, Bill Scott from GreenPipe Industries. Its now been 6 months since we have worked with Murray Warren to build our telesales, lead generation initiative.

Our sales revenues are up 47% our sales activity has increased over 300% and we are on track to exceed our sales goals for 2006.

- Herb Fensury, President

- ENFOCOM, Calgary Alberta

I am the president of The Approved Group. We market and sell a unique, High impact advertising specialty, loyalty Program to Fortune 1,000 companies All over N. America. Our flagship book is called "Buyer Approved Selling". Out of the blue, Murray cold calls me and Honestly I thought it was a prank. It followed our very own "Buyer Approved format". Before we met Murray we would call up Fortune 1,000 companies, qualify them, send them a sample book, and attempt to follow-up to close them. This is where we ran into the "Sales Cat & Mouse game" Within 3 days of consulting with us he has revolutionized our sales process and implemented step-by-step process of connecting with senior level decision makers setting up a web conferencing solution to make a customized presentation, gain agreement on the pains and problems, then close the sales on the initial call. No call backs, no chasing, no smoking Hopeium. We have eliminated the "Constipated Sales Funnel" and are closing more sales then ever.

- Mitch Merker, President

- The Approved Group

Our company NEOCODE is custom software Development & FileMaker design firm. We have built a great market with "custom web based order processing solutions". We are software developers not marketing gurus. So when Murray cold called me about his Synchronized Selling System, I had to learn more. In less than 6 weeks Murray hired the right telesales people, trained them to locate new business opportunities for 2 different lines of business, created all of the telesales scripts, tested the scripts by making LIVE cold calls, and provided on-going mentoring and coaching. Our Demos and sales activity has increased over 220%, We are building more relationships and closing more deals.

- Joshua Paul, President

- NEOCODE Software Ltd

Before we met Murray Warren (BMW) we did all of our own prospecting for new business & cold calling to develop new business opportunities and line up meetings and demos. In fact, Jeff O'Neil and I are pretty good at it, since we are sales veterans and sales trainers. That being said, it's not the most productive and best use of our time. Murray called us and presented his "Openers and Closers" selling solution, where openers open new accounts and set up sales meetings and closers present and close deals. We are in our 4th month and are incredibly happy with the results. Our sales revenues are up almost 200%, hired 4 excellent telesales people for our company, created incredible telesales training material, competitive selling rebuttals. We are accelerating our sales revenues massively because of his help.

- Susan Niven, Vice President

- Momentum Conferencing

We are Canada #1 financial seminar marketing company specializing in financial, currency trading and real estate products through live seminars, Conferences and workshops using this model our historical results are 8% - 12% Conversion / closing ratio. We had never tried telesales / telemarketing and had heard about Murrays proven success through a colleague of mine. To say I'm totally delighted is hardly enough. Im blown away and thrilled with the results in les than 2.5 months. He hired an outstanding closer named Martin, created a very effective 4 stage selling process; direct mail, e-mail, voice mail, and telesales. We have grossed over $292,000.00 in less than 2.5 months. This will add another $1.2 million to our bottom line. Our conversion ratio is now 15% - 26%, and this will add another 33% in increased sales to our yearly revenue.

- D.J. Richoux, President

- Business Breakthrough Technologies Inc

I have been a C.A. for over 20 years and have built a thriving, professional practice and I'm very connected in the business community. When Murray Warren contacted me I was intrigued to learn about his sales pipeline increasing strategy. Murray has taught me to think about "What's my core competency?". Should I be the one focusing all of my time, energy and effort to promote my new web based accounting service called Murray made me realize its not the best us of my time, he was right focus on your niche. He hired 2 business developers to obtain meetings and appointments. This has led to significantly more demos, quotes and more new accounts signing up for our service. And the best thing is that my time is now leveraged . Telemarketing does work in a professional business like ours, as long its done Murrays way.

- Wayne Zielke C.A., President


This is the problem we solve all over N. America; Law enforcement, FBI, and Justice Departments cannot share critical, time sensitive information with other cities and municipalities. Murray had been consistently approaching our company for over 12 months to see if we would explore his Telesales Lead Generation program. Every executive team member in our company was extremely skeptical that you could cold call our unique market. They were all wrong, Murrays Telesales based lead Generation program has proven quite effective. Within 2 months Murray hired an excellent new business development expert, created superb telesales scripts to pursue the Law Enforcement agencies in the US markets.

We are now booking 2 - 7 demos per day, greatly increased the sales activity and are on track to close many big opportunities because of his help.

- Al Kassam, Vice President of Sales

- Roy Trivett President

- Visiphor Canada Inc.


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